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Roller shutters work by rolling or sliding up and down through tracks; these tracks are also referred to as guide channels. The slats fit into a small box above the door when rolled up (when opening). This small box is typically installed inside the door known as internal face fix.

Roller shutters are great ways to provide security to the building – they consist of interconnected insulated strips of double-layered aluminium. Roller shutters do not only look great on your house when installed but they also act as a great security by preventing intruders and elements from entering.

how do roller shutters work?

However, other fixes can be achieved but this is the most secured fix. When the shutters are rolled down (that is when closing), they firmly fix against the floor of your garage thereby making them highly secure. If you are wondering how a roller shutter works, below are the main parts with the functions they perform:

Bearing or U-Cup – A bearing or U-Cup is usually fitted to the cheek plate to maintain the barrel movement when a security brake is not fitted.

Guides – There are two different aspect guides and they are used to provide pathways for the curtain. They are in the form of the letter ‘U’ in style.

Flag Post – The flag post is used to support the cheek plate, which is welded either on to the highest guide or to an angle. The angle of the flag post fitted to the building structure is to aid the installation of the shutter by providing additional support.

Curtain – The curtain is the material that is used to shut off the realm between the guides. The curtain is fabricated from steel or metallic slat that join along. The curtain contains tube and Link grilles square, which are supported by horizontally-positioned rods.

Bottom Rail – The bottom rail is the final bottom section of the curtain. It is usually in the shape of letter ‘T’ or ‘L’ with extra rigidity. It supports in the provision of extra security.

Tubular Motor – The tubular motor is a hollow motor that is fitted into the shutter’s overhead barrel assembly. From the barrel, there is a motor-head, which includes a manual override eye sticking out from the barrel – this is when a manual override facility is included. There is also an electrical wire feed and a limit switches that are used to manage the most travel space of the shutter curtain. The Associate is also fitted with the motor in the operational brake system to carry the shutter stationary once it is in its higher position.

Cheek Plate – The cheek plate, which is also called finish plates or end plates, help to hold the roller shutter in place. They are secured to the building with appropriate fixings to be able to bear the total weight of the shutter and all of its associated components.

Roller Assembly – A full dimension roller controls the shutter curtain and the cheek plates support the roller at every finish. There is a steel tube with a hollow motor fitted in the roller with a shaft at the alternative finish.

Safety Brake – This is in the form of a centrifugal brake that helps to secure the descent of the shutter. It works only if there is a failure within the motor. The safety brake activates and conveys the shutter to a whole stop when the motor’s operational brake fails to perform its function of carrying the shutter stationary once it is at its higher position. The safety brake also activates when the shutter descends at Associate in uncontrolled speed. Once the brake is activated, it needs to be reset or replaced. This replacement or resetting is to be done by fully-fledged shutter engineers.

Canopy Cowl – This is also called the hood and its usage is not compulsory. It is fabricated from galvanised steel and it is designed to wrap around the cheek plates when it rolled up. Its function is to protect the barrel and curtain from dirt and rain. It works in addition to the other components to provide maximum security once the motor or roller mechanism is below 2500mm high.

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