Sensi-Fire™ Wireless Shutter Safety Sys

Automatically Opens Roller Shutters In The Event Of Fire!

Sensi-Fire™ is an innovative, wireless DC battery, safety back-up system that automatically opens roller shutters in the event of a fire, helping protect human life. Crucial to fire safety, no domestic or commercial building with roller shutters should be without Sensi-Fire™. Totally independent of mains power, the Sensi-Fire™ Wireless unit is installed in close proximity to a smoke detector. When the smoke detector is activated, Sensi-Fire™ picks up the audio signal and instantly transmits a radio signal, in turn automatically opening all of the programmed roller shutters, allowing escape routes in and out. (1 unit can operate multiple shutters).
Sensi-Fire™ is also compatible with SolarSmart™ Plus and PowerSmart™ Roller Shutter Automation.

Suitable Applications

  • Domestic & Commercial Windows.
  • Domestic & Commercial Doorways.
  • Commercial Shop Fronts.
  • Garage Doors.


  • Increased safety for human life.
  • Completely wireless system.
  • Easy & quick to install and program.
  • Remote control operated.
  • Designed in Australia

Compatible with 12V SolarSmart Plus & PowerSmart Roller Shutter Automation.

Technical Specifications

Battery Size 2 x AA 1.5V
Power Supply 3V
Radio Remote Frequency 433.4Mhz
Radio Remote Range 200m in free field
Description Product Code
Sensi-Fire™ Wireless Shutter Safety System 41-500-190

Sensi-Fire™ At A Glance

Installation Requirements: The Sensi-Fire Wireless receiver/ transmitter must be positioned within 500mm of a working smoke detector that meets Australian Standards.