This roller shutter range is made with a precision roll formed roller shutter profile, and is suitable for many widespan applications.

Suitable Applications

  • Domestic Windows.
  • Domestic Doorways.
  • Garage Doors.
  • Light Commercial Shop Fronts & Windows.
  • Counter Tops/Serveries.
  • Entry Level Security for Factories, Warehouses, Clubs, Pubs & Hotels, Restaurants, Pharmacies & Sports Complexes.


CW Products recommends the use of Photo Safety Cells and a Safety Brake when installing automated roller shutters over openings and doorways. Especially when the roller shutter is not in full view of the operator (eg. when using a remote control or wall switch positioned away from the roller shutter and out of view). When using a wall switch, we recommend a spring return switch/deadman switch.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Shutter Width 4500mm
Maximum Shutter Height 3000mm
Maximum Surface Area 10m2
Curtain Weight/Metre2 4kg
Number Of Slats/Metre 18
Profile Slat Covering 55mm
Profile Slat Thickness 12mm
Axle Types Octagonal Steel
Bottom Bar Dimensions 55mm x 8.5mm
Guide Dimensions 68mm x 25mm/18mm
Paint Finish Polyurethane/Polyamide (PU/PA)
Inner Profile Foam Type Poly Urethane (CFC Free)

Roller Shutter Colour Options

Pelmet Sizes & Maximum Shutter Height

Pelmet Box Size Max. No. Of Slats Max. Shutter Height (Including Pelmet) Axle Size
180mm 23 1400mm 70mm
205mm 38 2250mm 10mm with adoptor
205mm 42 2450mm 70mm
230mm 52 3000mm 10mm with adaptor
230mm 54 3200mm 70mm

Wind Speeds & Maximum Shutter Width

Wind Speed Max. Shutter Width Max. Surface Area
m/sec km/h
11.2m/sec 40.32km/h 4500mm 10.5m2
13m/sec 46.80km/h 4000mm 10m2
15.8m/sec 56.88km/h 3300mm 8.25m2
20.4m/sec 73.44km/h 2900mm 7.25m2
25.9m/sec 93.24km/h 2500mm 6.25m2
34.9m/sec 125.64km/h 2500mm 6m2

Control Options