Invisi-Gard® Security Doors

We provide a range of security door and grille options. You can choose to have a single or double diamond pattern, or a cast grille door with either fly mesh or DVA mesh. Stainless steel or punched aluminium security doors are also available, with optional extras like a triple lock key system. For variety, versatility and long-lasting value, call Global Roller Shutters.
Global Security Doors are custom designed and built for your specific situation. They’re available as hinged single or double doors, or using a sliding system. Different locking systems can be installed, and a wide range of colours and framing options are available. Mesh can be used, which will allow air circulation whilst keeping insects out. Mesh types include fibreglass, aluminium and stainless steel. Global Roller Shutters offers free expert advice on which types and options best meet your needs and budget. Ensuring the security, privacy and safety of you and your loved ones – could there be anything more important? At Global Roller Shutters, it’s our goal to help Melbourne home and business owners gain absolute peace of mind with our range of security doors and grilles. A valuable addition to any home, our range are easy-to-install and convenient to use. With a selection of custom-manufactured security grilles, security doors and stainless steel security mesh from Invisi-Gard®, a Global Roller Shutters installation is an easy way to add safety and value to your property. But our security options are for much more than just domestic properties – if you’ve got a factory, shop front, industrial facility or any other commercial property, our large-scale security door installations offer long-lasting protection. Our range is customisable to your needs – hinged, sliding, single or double doors can all get the tailor-made treatment with Global Roller Shutters. Our custom-built security grilles can be designed to fit any existing doorway or space, making them a convenient, easy-to-install security measure for your property, household or industrial facility.

Benefits of installing security doors with Global Roller Shutters

Offers protection and weather-proofing for your property.
Smooth sliding – with as little friction as possible, opening and shutting your security doors is a breeze.
Long-lasting durability that stands the test of time.
Security Grilles
Global Roller Shutters can custom build security grilles as per your needs, offering you extra safety and security. Mesh can be incorporated into the grille, in either fibreglass, aluminium or stainless steel. Mesh allows for air flow without allowing insects and pests into the home. A vast range of colours and styles are available.
Security Meshes

Global Roller Shutters recommend using the stainless steel mesh from Invisi-Gard. Looking much like aluminium mesh, it’s woven from high-grade stainless steel that’s been pre-treated and powder-coated, resulting in an attractive, long-lasting finish.

This mesh is extremely strong and very resistant to wear, weathering and direct physical attack. Combining these security benefits with a breathable, ‘see-through’ look, Invisi-Gard is an available option for hinged doors, sliding doors, security grilles, security doors and patio enclosures. For more advice on how security mesh can be used around your property, call us today!

Additional Security

For additional security systems at your home or business, we recommend Five Star Locksmiths Melbourne, a trusted local service provider in Melbourne’s CBD and suburbs.