Window Roller Shutters

Here at Global Roller Shutters there are many things that put our window roller shutters above our competitors such as having 17 colour bond colours to choose from, double coated and lacquered for abrasion resistant finish, high quality powder coated finished for shutter box and guides, security locks, low noise and high durability motors.

At Global Roller Shutters we are your professional window roller shutter Specialists

Our window roller shutters have been used across a wide range of applications to solve many problems faced Australia-wide. These include: window protection against burglaries and vandalism, home and business climate control with benefits of temperature reduction in home and business during hot Australian summer days and temperature increase during the cold and chilly winter days, reduction of unwanted outside noise by up to 85%, increased home privacy, 100% reduction in light and glare from window openings, storm & hailstone protection, bushfire protection or just simply peace of mind. Window Shutters are a stylish, timeless window treatment that can also increase the value of your home.

Protect Your Property & Enjoy Complete Peace Security, With the Best Value Window Roller Shutter.
Window Roller Shutters are the perfect window dressing for all homes old and new
For versatile and low-maintenance blinds, consider window shutters
With external window shutters you can easily choose between visibility & privacy
Window Shutters are Energy Efficient
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Protect Your Property & Enjoy Complete Peace Security, With the Best Value Window Roller
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Sustain room temperature

Yes, that’s another practical use of roller shutters. Most of us are aware of the Victorian heat, and there is a misconception that blinds stop heat from entering our home. Sun’s heat passes through the windows which consequently heats up the curtains or blinds.

Some of our roller shutters use polyurethane foam which protects your house from harmful UV rays and heat, thereby, reducing the temperature inside your house on warmer days. Studies show that the foams stop about 60% heat on warm days and traps about 50% of heat from escaping.

This consequently means lower electricity bills.

Street noise reduction

Roller shutters can also help reduce noise. Especially if you live opposite to a noise street. Aggravated noise levels can lead to stress and affect hearing. Our shutters aim to reduce noise levels by at least 40%.

Reduced insurance costs

Installing roller shutters help reduce insurance costs. Many insurance companies offer discounts for the same. Roller shutters aims to deter burglaries, thereby reducing the insurance premiums.

Protection for your windows

Windows can easily break during storms. This would consequently make the interior of your home or business vulnerable to damage. Shattered windows can let in storm water and this can lead to expensive repairs.

Increase your property’s aesthetics with our modern roller shutters

Our roller shutters come in various designs, styles and colour that matches your business or home colours. They help to increase the property’s value in the market, if you do have a plan to sell it in the future.

For versatile and low-maintenance blinds, consider window shutters