19 Feb, 21

5 Reasons Why Roller Shutters Are Perfect For Your Shop

Business needs security as much as they need continuous sales. Without it, your venture stands the risk of break-ins. However, with a roller shutter, the case is different. These window coverings offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They also protect your businesses.

But how do roller shutters protect your business? Besides security, why are these delightful aids perfect for your shops?

Reinforced Security
Perhaps you wonder; why “reinforced”? We could have used enhanced! Here is why:

Roller shutters are products of reinforced aluminum. As such, they offer more than the typical security of your usual window covers. For a start, intruders won’t find aluminum easy to break in or tamper. More importantly, aluminum offers reinforced security without the usual heaviness. The metal is lightweight and durable. That feature is unmatched by other window materials. In essence, roller shutters provide you security other window coverings can’t. However, note that it is best to match your roller shutter to your shop. The size of your window/door is crucial to determine the best fit.

If break-ins don’t happen, how about disasters such as fire outbreaks? Even when you are careful within your shop, can you vouch for the neighboring businesses? So, fire outbreaks can happen. And they are quite a constant feature for businesses around the world. Unfortunately, with wooden doors and windows, a fire will gut your valuables. On the other hand, roller shutters can help. How?
Fireproof roller shutters can shield your doors and windows to about 12,000°C. Before the fire reaches such a degree, you have enough time to get help and put it out. Besides fire, roller shutters also help protect your shop against weather conditions – especially hail and high winds.

Enhanced Productivity
Perhaps you muted your social media to work. What about the noise from the environment? How about the glares from the sun? Those conditions can distract you from being productive!
Good news: roller shutters can protect you from noise and sun distractions. How?

Foam-filled shutters act as blockades for noise from the busy neighborhood typical of businesses. Also, the foams used contain polyurethane. The polyurethane foams plus the aluminum materials of the blades keep sun glares at bay. In the process, roller shutters will even help you save bills accrued from air conditioning.

In the end, you will save energy bills and improve your productivity at work.

Improved Aesthetics
Rolled shutters have improved over the years in design and variability. Now, they come in various shapes, colors, and styles. In other words, you can tweak and match your shutters to your interior to boost the appeal of your shop. While you are at it, you can get the automatic kinds.

Yes, you can control your roller shutters remotely!

Low Maintenance
Despite all the benefits of roller shutters, they are low-care. For starters, you don’t need wood treatment against termite. Also, you won’t worry about discoloration because of sun exposure. All you need to do is a simple wipe for the blades once a week. On top of all that, roller shutters save you energy bills by keeping your indoors warm and well-lit.

Imagine all those benefits for your shop. The question should no longer be of why but when you’ll get your roller shutters!

About that, we can help. We deal in all ranges of roller shutters for commercial and industrial needs. Reach out today, and let’s see how to help you!

18 Sep, 20

3 Reasons to Choose Roller Shutters Over Conventional Blinds

Security, enhanced aesthetics, comfort is a handful of reasons that make roller shutters a considerably better option than conventional blinds. Designed to operate very efficiently in all weather conditions, no matter how extreme they are, roller shutters help save energy by blocking out extreme sunlight and excessive heat. The perfect shade for any window, roller shutters are very easy to operate and fit into any window in your home. Here’s a quick look at why you should choose roller shutters over conventional blinds.

1. Protection from the Elements

Rain, hailstorm, snow, or intense sunlight are just a few of the elements that could damage your window, even your interior. If you want to ensure that your window can withstand any elements and stay safe from all the damage that comes with it, install roller shutters.

Roller Shutters are available in different materials, but quality shutters all integrate a weather-resistant polymer or metal which offers superior protection from rain, wind, and other weather-related elements. Additionally, roller shutters are designed to lift and lower in seconds, with no harsh mechanisms that could potentially damage the life of the material. Further, those interested in enhanced comfort can also invest in electric roller shutters. Electric roller shutters are controlled by remote control, and they can even also be programmed to operate automatically at specific times of the day, providing a sense of security on top of increased energy efficiency. Not to mention, they are also available in a wide range of styles to offer custom-fit windows and door fronts.

2. Protection from Thieves and Vandals

Home security is all about keeping your space safe. Roller shutters are a key component in achieving the safety you desire for your home or commercial premises. Traditional blinds are easy to be breached, offering minimal protection from vandals. Roller shutters, on the other hand, are more secure and are also much better at keeping out curious intruders and unwanted guests. Boasting extremely durable and weather-resistant materials, including polymer, metal, or aluminum, roller shutters are designed to be sturdy and provide safety in any situation.

Roller shutters can be installed to automatically lower into place if you would like to ensure that windows and doors are always safely protected. The bottom line is, roller shutters are designed to remain firmly in place. No matter how much wind is out there, or rains, hail, snow, sunlight, or how dedicated a thief maybe, they will stay firmly shut to keep your house or business safe. If you opt for electric roller shutters, you can even receive push notifications (on certain models) to your smartphone to keep you informed if anyone attempts to open the shutters whilst you’re away, acting as remote surveillance for your property.

3. Energy Efficiency

Roller shutters are not just for creating a secure and safe environment for your home or business; they are also eco-friendly. Often made of aluminum which aside from being recyclable are extremely thermally efficient, keeping warmth and energy within the space in winter and blocking out heat in summer. The UV coating on the aluminum stops it from discoloring and fading overtime to maintain its aesthetics and functionality.

Roller Shutters also seal shut extremely well, assisting with air-conditioning and thermal insulation, thus keeping your energy bills low. They can also be adjusted to allow just enough light in to maintain your comfort levels and energy efficiency without compromising too much on security and safety.


Instead of relying on blinds, what with their high maintenance, low functionality, and deterioration over time, choose roller shutters to protect your home or business. They will provide an array of benefits such as added security and energy efficiency, as well as being a worthy investment to make.

02 Sep, 20

Do Roller Shutters Keep Heat In and the Cold Out?

Incorporating roller shutters in your home this winter month can help to keep the heat inside and prevent the cold from ruining your comfort. Rolling shutters are relatively inexpensive and be installed fast, providing you with years of protection and comfort in all four seasons. But are roller shutters good for keeping cold night air out? Let’s find out!

Why Is Your House Always Cold?

There are a few reasons why certain houses will always be cold. It could be that the walls of your house aren’t insulated properly, you could have insufficient outside heat-insulating material, or the windows may not be to specification. Windows primarily act as pathways for heat transfer; they allow heat to escape if they are not properly insulated or shaded. Larger windows are the biggest culprits. If your windows aren’t up to par, you can easily remedy the problem through various window coverings such as roller shutters.

What Can You Do About It?

There are several ways that you can solve your problem, especially if you happen to have large, drafty windows. The first option is to contact a roller shutter specialist to provide you with roller shutters. These shutters are specifically designed to keep your energy bills low while protecting your windows and property. Roller shutters work by blocking unwanted areas, and they also help to reduce the loss of heat during the winter months.

How Do Roller Shutters Prevent Heat Loss?

Heat loss can be reduced through roller shutter protection because the material is installed in front of the window, allowing the shutters to block the cold from entering your house. Roller shutters are made from solid timber and fitted with aluminum extrusions, all of which are designed to reduce heat loss in and out of your house. They’re also electrically operated to make moving them easy.

According to some reports, roller shutters reduce heat loss through windows by up to 90% because of the amount of surface area that they cover. The shutters are fixed to the windows in a manner that makes it next-to-impossible to tell that they are, in fact, shutters with added benefits of protection. Additionally, the shutters are also attached from the top, which ensures that there can be no slippage due to heavy winds or other factors.

Other Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider when investing in roller shutters. For example, you may consider a variety of colors and styles available. These can also be customized to your tastes and requirements. The materials used can be customized for different levels of heat protection, and you can even find roller shutters that offer rain and UV protection. If you decide on roller shutters, you will notice the long-lasting design and superior protection they provide. Further, they can be integrated to add a beautiful aesthetic to your home. There are also roller shutters that can be controlled electronically to allow entry into a room whilst ensuring complete privacy, but be reminded that these may set you back a great deal more than your budget.


In winter months, heat can escape through small cracks in windows and doors. Having roller shutters installed will reduce this heat loss and help to keep your home warmer while saving you on those high energy bills. So, will roller shutters keep the cold out? The answer is yes! Roller shutters are an excellent solution that keeps the chill air out and the warmth in.

19 Aug, 20

How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

If your home or business needs window covering solutions, you may want to keep an eye on the aesthetics, physical protection, and pragmatic elements that come with exterior roller shutters.

What Are Roller Shutters?

A roller shutter is basically a window blind that can be pulled down like a roller door. They are composed of a series of blinds that are linked together and are fitted on tracks. The blinds are wound around a cylinder to be either raised or lowered. They are widely used by commercial buildings as a window covering solutions and known to satisfy aesthetics, physical protection, and practicable requirements.

Roller shutters beautifully suit commercial buildings, casinos, hotels, and office buildings, especially as a lee of security. Since they are made of tough material, the window covering solution is able to protect the building from debris and other objects.

Roller shutters also masterfully fit with homes. They effectively protect interiors from the elements and possible intrusions as they are placed outside. Not only that, but they are also crafted to be wind and water-resistant. This is a good reason why they are widely used by homes that are on a beach or tropical country.

How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

The cost of roller shutter installation may lean towards either side of the spectrum and may potentially nudge closer to the higher side. This reason is simply because the prices of such versions may be determined by the size of the window, type of shutter valves involved, and style of roller shutter installed. If the client decides upon a manual roller shutter, the overall cost generally sums up to $300 and $350. On the opposite side of the spectrum, an electric-powered roller shutter may roughly cost between $900 and $1,000.

What Factors May Affect the Cost of Your Roller Shutters?

Roller shutter prices vary depending on several factors, including the materials used to manufacture them, the size of the shutter, the brand, and other features. Let’s take a look at these factors in detail.

1. Materials

The materials used to manufacture roller shutters may play a major role in their final price. There are three main varieties of shutters. These are aluminum, steel, and PVC shutters.

1.2 Aluminum

The aluminum ones are known for their strength and durability. The material may cost around 35% less than steel counterparts. Aluminum shutters are often the primary choice of both commercial and residential users for a couple of reasons.

Being relatively lightweight, they are easy to install on any exterior wall and window frame.

The material is able to withstand the effects of salt and water corrosion. As such, the metal doesn’t show many signs of aging over time.

Aluminum shutters are also considerably cheaper than steel. This means they are a great choice for homes with budget-wise owners.

Enhanced aesthetics and energy efficiency are other extra reasons for choosing this material.

1.2 Steel

Steel shutters are another popular choice. They are known to offer exceptional strength and efficiency. Contrary to the aluminum ones, they are heavier, which may pose some difficulties during installation but are also stronger, more functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

1.3 PVC

PVC is a type of translucent material that is made from polyvinyl chloride compounds and are known for their durability, shock resistance, flexible nature, lightweight and low cost. Known to last longer than aluminum, a PVC shutter will perfectly suit both residential and commercial buildings.

2. Functions

Roller shutters are designed primarily to protect the window from the outside and wind. Modern roller shutters have gained much popularity due to the wide range of various functions they offer.

They can be used to protect your interior décor and furniture from the scorching sun or ice-cold winds. Some materials can be easily manipulated and layered to provide privacy. In cyclone storm-hit areas, double roller shutters can be raised to cover the entire glass surface of the window, offering full protection.

But added features don’t come cheap. Conventional roller shutters may cost around $250, while ones with added features will be slightly more expensive.

3. Manual, Automatic or Battery Power

Manual roller shutters have to be lifted up and down manually by the user. Simply move the metal or plastic panels apart to open and pull them shut to close. They are suitable for both home and business applications. And as it is relatively easier to use, a manual roller shutter is often cheaper than automatic ones.

An automatic roller shutter involves the use of a button. You can push the button to open or close the roller shutter. For home automation lovers, it’s worth spending more on an automatic roller shutter as it is ‘hands-free.’

Battery-powered roller shutters have added advantage over automatic and manual ones in that they can be operated even in the absence of electricity supply. This feature makes them highly desirable for property owners in cyclone-prone areas.


Roller shutters are available in both traditional and latest form and available for both commercial and domestic use. Needless to say, with the high-tech features and sleek engineering they provide, they indeed make up for a great window covering solution. But that’s not it; they’re also budget-friendly as they can fit nearly every property category and use.

The cost of roller shutters will also vary depending on the material, style, function, and power source it uses. So before finally claiming on a roller shutter like a simple vinyl blind, be sure to consider the factors mentioned above and, of course, your own needs and requirements.

For more information about roller shutters, click here

04 Aug, 20

Do Roller Shutters Help with Noise?

Would you like to achieve more peace and better concentration in your home or workplace, and enhance productivity and focus on important aspects of your life? If so, you can effectively do away with noisy distractions and make yourself detached from the carnal world by installing roller shutters at home.

Peace and quiet at home are a priceless gift. This is a place where we find solace, relaxation, and can relieve all tension accumulated from our everyday lives. This often means that if the noise we have to put up with during our working day continues all the way through the night, we don’t feel recharged at all when the alarm clock goes off the next day. Get rid of unnecessary stressors and create the Zen-like atmosphere at home you deserve for peaceful sleep by investing in professional roller shutters.

Roller shutters are among few addons you can add to your home that offers an almost immediate solution to all issues that can disturb the peace of your property. At the same time, they’re also one of the most cost-effective long-term investments you can make.

Adding up to 80% to 85% noise isolation to every room, roller shutters installed at home or within workplaces tend to simplify the choices you make at the end of the day. More importantly, it keeps the noises outside your property line by drawing shades on the world outside. In this manner, you could prevent being annoyed by unwanted noises and distracting sounds outside; peace and quiet at all times. Because of their insulating nature, in noisy environments, shutters help create an isolated environment inside. This alone can prevent and effectively reduce the stress and tension experienced due to continuous exposure to loud noises.

4 Factors That Determine Roller Shutter’s Noise Reduction Capabilities

There are various factors that determine how efficient your noisy-restraining roller shutters are. Let us reveal them to you.

1. The Quality of the Roller Shutters:

Only the finest quality roller shutters will do. Don’t fall for anything less. Remember, cheap is expensive, and quality is the best investment you can ever make. Roller shutters are not just any accessories that you can install and forget. They’re built to last decades and come with professional guarantees. They’re tailor-made and made in a way that once properly installed, no building vibrations, traffic noises, or unwanted outdoor sounds will disturb you. When it comes to noise reduction, standard aluminum roller shutters are a tad bit inefficient, to say the least, so buying a thicker gauge model is recommended. Further padded roller shutters can indeed be the best-prepared blocks against noise. In fact, they can significantly reduce noise with their ability to properly insulate the interior of your house. As compared to the rest of the shutters that lack this unique quality, they are the best bet to ensure optimum performance of noise reduction. This is made possible by the in-built padding that protects the supporting bars of the shutter and the foam inserts that effectively absorb any noises penetrating the shutters.

2. Installation:

Properly installing your roller shutters will be the key factor that determines your results. A bad installation can lead to slow-opening shutters, deformed shutters, and usual gaps that nobody likes. Before installing your roller shutters, it is strongly advised to enlist the services of a professional installer. Always consider installers who guarantee they’ll use silicone sealant to fill in those small gaps that are inevitable with any kind of shutters installation. Though at first, they may seem minor and insignificant, the sounds that escape through these small gaps can be irritatingly loud. So let your installer know that you want your new roller shutters fitted in a way that they are completely sound-proof and noise-isolation with no possibility for any sounds whatsoever escaping in/out. Hiring professionals always pays off in the long run, and you’ll see for yourself just how well-installed shutters will keep out street noises, while at the same time adding security and insulation to your premises.

3. Invest in Noise-Isolation Acoustic Roller Shutter:

To achieve the best results, a noise-isolation acoustic roller shutter will be a sure bet. They’re characterized by using expanded polyurethane to insulate the interstitial gaps between the external covering and the main body of the shutter. They also contain a dual-chambered glass panel that further absorbs the noises you want to keep outside. Make sure your installer applies them with foam spacers for the best results. Though they tend to be more expensive, it is one investment you won’t regret as they are extremely well-made.

4. The Material the Shutters Are Made of:

Quality materials contribute to the quality of the end product. Durable and sturdy materials such as aluminum are the most reliable you can use in case of roller shutters. The thicker the roller shutter’s material is, the more insulating properties it tends to have, and the better it works in its capacity to contain unwanted sounds and vibrations.


No matter what your current situation is, installing roller shutters is a smart investment you’ll never regret. Noise is one of the most irritating and distracting phenomena anyone can ever deal with. In the long run, having noise-blocking roller shutters at your home or office can be extremely beneficial to your health, wellness, and productivity, so don’t wait, act now and call your roller shutter expert today!

25 Jul, 20

Do roller shutters increase the value of your home?

Roller shutters, with their broad range of options and features, are sure to complement and enhance your decor. They create an elegant, formal ambiance for living spaces, which can be a wonderful way to create a setting for relaxation and comfort. They are sure to make an entrance into a room much more sophisticated and chic, giving your home a fresh and modern appearance.

But do shutters increase the value of your home? That’s exactly the question we are trying to answer.

1. It Adds Character

If you are planning to sell your house, you will want to add one or more distinctive features to enhance the overall style and appeal of your home to your prospective buyer.

With their classy looks, like other high-end accessories, they will enhance the look and value of your home, which means you’ll enjoy their benefits for many years. They are also incredibly versatile, and customizable and are an easy, low-cost solution to add something chic to your space while enhancing your home’s visual look and character. With their availability in various styles, colors, and designs, you can easily integrate them into your current decor and add classic charm and elegance to any room of your home, too, like dining rooms, sitting rooms, and study areas.

2. Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

Roller shutters are not just attractive to look at; they are also good for your wallet. In today’s increasingly climate-conscious world, every homeowner or prospective home buyer is seeking ways to reduce their energy costs and cut energy waste. A simple adjustment of your Roller shutters can make a difference, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, regardless of the temperature.

They keep your home more energy efficient by blocking out sunlight and preventing excessive heat and cold air from entering your home through the windows.

3. Make Your Home Safer

In some cases, closed roller shutters can provide a measure of safety to your home. They can effectively prevent intruders from being able to simply look inside to see what’s there. These are good for keeping the sun off of your floors. Depending on the environment in your area, they may also keep out harsh sunlight that can damage wooden furniture.

4. Weather-Proof

Shutters can withstand the harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures in your home. They protect your home from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and some are even fire and storm-resistant. Roller shutters are an all-in-one package. They give your home beauty and charm while increasing its value and modernizing its appearance.

5. Stay Private

Thanks to their unique design, roller shutters are a popular choice for those with growing families. With such high customization, they provide total privacy and peace of mind. They also reduce the chance of getting unwanted views from outside. Whether you want to give the toddler a nap or be able to walk around in your bedroom without a problem, roller shutters are perfect.


So, do shutters increase the value of your home? Unarguably yes!

The beauty in the modernity of roller shutters is that they are also a very economical product when compared with an array of other choices offered, which often requires extensive modifications to the existing building. Their availability in various sizes and styles makes them suitable for any home, and the ability to have them customized means they are a perfect fit for everyone.

If you are thinking about selling your house, there is no better time than now to give your home a face-lift with roller shutters.

20 Jun, 20

Are roller shutters any good for security?

In this article we are going to take a look at whether roller shutters are any good for security? This is a common question that people often ask, and one that many do not really understand. It’s also one that they don’t often take the time to think about, unless it’s at the time of a real security threat.

So let’s take a look at security and see if the answer is yes. Once we do, we can hopefully come to some sort of conclusion on the matter.

Closed areas are always going to be dangerous, so it stands to reason that we need to find ways to make our areas safe. The best way to do this is to build walls around the perimeter of the property. Now this is all well and good, but why would we want to do that?

The obvious reason is for safety. You don’t want anyone getting into your home or business. While this might seem obvious, it isn’t something that you hear very often.

Most people understand that with technology being what it is, there is a better chance of us knowing who is in a house or building and with this knowledge we can deal with the security problem in a different way. We can build better walls around the perimeter, which means that the main entrance will be wide open, allowing our burglars free access.

A lot of people are going to suggest that this is the best solution to their security problem, but it won’t really work, and in fact could make things worse. How so?

The main thing that it means is that as soon as you install roller shutters in your home or building, they are going to be facing outward, not out. If anyone wants to come in then they are going to have to face out, and it will be clear to anyone that they have been caught and dealt with.

When we have the door wide open it makes it hard to defend against, but this is a problem that roller shutters help to solve. Instead of taking the time to build a wall around the outside of the property, it’s more cost effective to cover the outside of the door with shutters.

Since this is such a common question, it is worth pointing out that yes, roller shutters are good for security. With an average of three people being caught in a roller shutter door each day, it means that you are looking at two or three windows being closed at all times.

When there is one person trying to get in or out, you have one window open, and when there are two people trying to get in or out then two windows are open. This means that it will be extremely easy to keep intruders out of your home or business.

When it comes to security we need to look at the bigger picture. When you compare a roller shutter with an average door you can see how important the added security really is.

So why wait, order in your roller shutters for your home or business in Melbourne today!

27 Jul, 19

Are Roller Shutters Secure?

Roller shutters provide security by acting as a great deterrent and a security device and is the number one reason why they are installed in the first place. Aluminium roller shutters are designed to take on heavy blows, thereby keeping your home or commercial property safe.

It is a fact that home invasions and robberies happen daily around the world. Thieves will typically target homes that are easy to break into and prevention is a great method to prevent your home or business from being targeted. Many people will choose to have their roller shutters installed on their front windows and at the back of the home. If you decide to leave your home on vacation having roller shutters installed can prevent your home or business from being ransacked.

Now that we’ve covered the main reason roller shutters are installed, let’s talk about the other potential benefits as there are plenty of other beneficial aspects of having roller shutters installed on your commercial building or for your family home.

Insulation against the sun and weather

It is well known that energy costs continue to rise year after year. Many people overlook the positive features of lowering the costs of electricity and maintaining cooler temperatures in the summertime and insulating the heat during the cold of winter. A roller shutter can completely cover a window which can allow your air conditioning unit to keep your residence or building cooler. A roller shutter can black out a window and can even lower temperature on a humid summer day by 10% on its own. Many specialists state that insulating your home or business from the outside of a window is ideal. It can block noise, heat and colder temperatures. Aluminium is the ideal material as they are known to have a high-quality insulated foam core that acts as an excellent barrier.

Roller shutters also protect your doors and windows against the harshest of weather such as hail and gale winds. When in doubt all you need to do is to lower your shutters during the harshest of winters, and you can be sure that your windows are safe and secure against damages, cracks or breakages.

Enjoy complete darkness when necessary

For many people they need the ability to completely shut out light and cancel out any obtrusive noise that may come from outside. People who have specific sleep schedules based on shift work, enjoy using roller shutters to create a night-time atmosphere in their home to improve their sleep. There are options available to have roller shutters that operate by remote control, which removes the issues of going outside and potentially dealing with bad weather. Instead you can stay in bed, click the button on the remote control and enjoy protection, darkness and less noise pollution.

Reduction in Noise Pollution

Did you know that roller shutters when installed can effectively insulate noise? Yes. Aside from its capability to hide your homes or offices from peering eyes and light control, our experience and feedback from our clients is that roller shutters can actually reduce your anxiety by reducing the noise coming from the busy main road, or if you are living near the Airport by up to about 50%. How does that sound?

Fire rated roller shutters

Many people may choose to install bush fire certified roller shutters on windows that face the bush. This has become a common practice for homes that are

situated in fire prone areas. We offer fire rated roller shutters and they are approved for homes in Australia and help prevent any bush fires from damaging your home further. These shutters have been tested and can withstand the heat and damage that fire will cause.

Make the best decision and find the right roller shutters that will compliment your home or commercial building by contacting our team of friendly experts today.

Global Roller Shutters Melbourne is the best solution to your roller shutter problems. We are very reliable, and they have been in this business for a while now. Our team is full of professional fitters who have built up a reputation from the high-quality work we have done at competitive prices.

So why wait, order in your roller shutters today!

25 Oct, 18
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How Do Roller Shutters Work?

Roller shutters work by rolling or sliding up and down through tracks; these tracks are also referred to as guide channels. The slats fit into a small box above the door when rolled up (when opening). This small box is typically installed inside the door known as internal face fix.

Roller shutters are great ways to provide security to the building – they consist of interconnected insulated strips of double-layered aluminium. Roller shutters do not only look great on your house when installed but they also act as a great security by preventing intruders and elements from entering.

how do roller shutters work?

However, other fixes can be achieved but this is the most secured fix. When the shutters are rolled down (that is when closing), they firmly fix against the floor of your garage thereby making them highly secure. If you are wondering how a roller shutter works, below are the main parts with the functions they perform:

Bearing or U-Cup – A bearing or U-Cup is usually fitted to the cheek plate to maintain the barrel movement when a security brake is not fitted.

Guides – There are two different aspect guides and they are used to provide pathways for the curtain. They are in the form of the letter ‘U’ in style.

Flag Post – The flag post is used to support the cheek plate, which is welded either on to the highest guide or to an angle. The angle of the flag post fitted to the building structure is to aid the installation of the shutter by providing additional support.

Curtain – The curtain is the material that is used to shut off the realm between the guides. The curtain is fabricated from steel or metallic slat that join along. The curtain contains tube and Link grilles square, which are supported by horizontally-positioned rods.

Bottom Rail – The bottom rail is the final bottom section of the curtain. It is usually in the shape of letter ‘T’ or ‘L’ with extra rigidity. It supports in the provision of extra security.

Tubular Motor – The tubular motor is a hollow motor that is fitted into the shutter’s overhead barrel assembly. From the barrel, there is a motor-head, which includes a manual override eye sticking out from the barrel – this is when a manual override facility is included. There is also an electrical wire feed and a limit switches that are used to manage the most travel space of the shutter curtain. The Associate is also fitted with the motor in the operational brake system to carry the shutter stationary once it is in its higher position.

Cheek Plate – The cheek plate, which is also called finish plates or end plates, help to hold the roller shutter in place. They are secured to the building with appropriate fixings to be able to bear the total weight of the shutter and all of its associated components.

Roller Assembly – A full dimension roller controls the shutter curtain and the cheek plates support the roller at every finish. There is a steel tube with a hollow motor fitted in the roller with a shaft at the alternative finish.

Safety Brake – This is in the form of a centrifugal brake that helps to secure the descent of the shutter. It works only if there is a failure within the motor. The safety brake activates and conveys the shutter to a whole stop when the motor’s operational brake fails to perform its function of carrying the shutter stationary once it is at its higher position. The safety brake also activates when the shutter descends at Associate in uncontrolled speed. Once the brake is activated, it needs to be reset or replaced. This replacement or resetting is to be done by fully-fledged shutter engineers.

Canopy Cowl – This is also called the hood and its usage is not compulsory. It is fabricated from galvanised steel and it is designed to wrap around the cheek plates when it rolled up. Its function is to protect the barrel and curtain from dirt and rain. It works in addition to the other components to provide maximum security once the motor or roller mechanism is below 2500mm high.

Global Roller Shutters is the best solution to your roller shutter problems. We are very reliable and they have been in this business for a while now. Our team is full of professional fitters who have built up a reputation from the high quality work we have done at competitive prices.

For a wide range of roller shutters residents can always opt for Global Roller Shutters!

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Roller Shutter Installation

How to get your site ready for a roller shutter installation?

When searching for roller shutters in Melbourne, Australia you will find some useful advice with this review about the benefits of window shutters and how to prepare your site for roller shutter installation. Roller shutters are an extremely versatile tool that provide both business and home owners a wide range of benefits. They are suitable to be installed on almost all types of domestic and commercial buildings and that is because they are custom designed and are built to your custom requirements and specifications precisely. If you want to protect your home or commercial building with added security or against storm damage then this is a great option. You can also insulate your home or commercial building from the heat of an Australian summer and even lower your energy bills. Keep on reading as we discuss how to prepare your site for roller installation below.

roller shutter installation

Clear obstacles and hazards

The first thing you will want to do when it comes to roller shutter installation is to clear your site of any hazards and obstacles. It ensures easier access for installation and a clear idea for our engineers for the measurements needed for window shutters. You will have to take the height and sizes of your intended area clearly measured to ensure there are no issues or problems with installing your custom roller shutters. We have plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to both creating and installing roller shutters in Melbourne and we are a leading provider for providing a solution for those who need custom installation and building.


Keep safe distance from installers

The second thing that you will want to ensure that your site is prepared for roller installation is to ensure that there are no potential health or safety hazards around the work area. It is common for business owners to stay open while we operate the installation of window shutters. As long as people in the building or home stay away from the area where installation is taking place there typically is no issues. We ensure safety and only hire the best professional installers and workman who aim to make you happy and provide you with a reliable solution for roller shutters Melbourne.

How we help

Our company takes care of the process of manually creating your shutters based on your choices and available options and we will make a custom window shutters system that will work great for your home or business. We also will take care of the installation and any issues you may need during installation or for any upgrades or after care as desired. The installation of window shutters is a rather fast process and straightforward. It will cause very minimal disruption to your regular routine. Whether you are looking roller shutter reviews or roller shutters in Melbourne we can help you with the entire process. Whether you are having these installed within your home, your office area or a business, the simplicity of installation and the numerous benefits of using window shutters is clear and a great choice. It does not take intrusive or extensive time or work. Our trained professionals will have them installed in place with minimal problems so you can enjoy them without delay.