02 May, 21

Find Out how Bushfire Shutters Can Protect Your Home

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and see that the sky is grey and ominous? You might find yourself automatically worrying about what could happen to your home, especially if you live in a bush-fire-prone area. But if you have invested in and installed bushfire shutters on your home, then you can put those worries to rest. Bushfire shutters are made to provide physical protection from fires. Not only do they protect your home from fire, but they also protect it from wind and rain. But there are other important benefits to having bushfire shutters installed, and in the following paragraphs, we’re going to talk about them!

1. Suppress Heat and Smoke

You need to know that your home is safe when you are away from it. Even if you don’t live in a bushfire-prone area, you never know when fire can start and whether or not it will spread to your house. The best way to deal with a fire is to prevent it in the first place, and the best way to do that is to have bushfire shutters installed on your home. Not only will they provide fire protection, but they will also help prevent smoke and heat from coming into your home.

2. Built-in Locking Mechanism Proved Greater Security:

Bushfire shutters are made to keep your home safe from fires, heat, and smoke. But they also have another great benefit: they have a built-in locking mechanism. This is particularly beneficial for homes that have an open plan living area or homes with multiple entrances and exits. With bushfire shutters installed, you can rest assured that no intruder can get into your home, and your home will be safe and secure.

3. Protects Your Home from Harsh Summer:

Do you need privacy, or do you just want to keep the sun out of your home during the hot summer months? It is very easy to obtain complete privacy with bushfire shutters. They are specially designed to provide privacy, but they also help to keep your home cooler during the summer months. With these shutters installed, you can block up to 98% of the light that comes through your windows and enjoy a peaceful, cozy, and cooler home.

4. Energy Saving Effect:

Are you interested in saving money? If so, then the first thing you should do is invest in and install bushfire shutters. These shutters can not only help protect your home from fire, but they can also help save you money on your electricity bill. That’s because these shutters will help keep your home cooler during the summer months. They have built-in insulation, which will help keep heat out of your home during the warmer months. Also, these shutters have a special coating that is designed to protect your home from heat and infrared rays, which means that they will help keep your home warm during the winter months.

5. Keep Noise Out:

Get rid of your noisy neighbors and enjoy a quieter living space by investing in and installing bushfire shutters. These shutters will keep out noise, and they will keep in the cool air during the summer months. This makes them a fantastic investment if you live in an area where there is noise pollution or where you have noisy neighbors.


Looking for a way to protect your home and keep it safe? Do yourself a favor and invest in and install roller shutters, Melbourne needs. Not only will they provide great physical protection for your home, but they will also make your home cooler during the summer months and help save you money on your electricity bill. What more could you ask for?

24 Apr, 21

Alarms or Roller Shutters for Home Security?

Your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you feel safe, secure and where you can rest from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Home invasions have been on the rise since 2010, and it’s easy to see why. Who is going to steal your home? There are many people and many ways. Aside from being vulnerable to the traditional burglar, your home may also be vulnerable to natural disasters and weather events, making the need for home security imperative.

So, what’s the best option for keeping your home safe? There are two proven ways to protect your home and make it safer than ever before. One method is through the use of alarms. Alarms can be an excellent way to secure your home without leaving anything to chance. In addition to this, roller shutters provide you with another layer of protection as they help keep your premises secure. To help you make an informed decision, we will talk about the pros and cons of two of the most popular options: alarms and roller shutters. Whether it’s a new home or an existing one, there are benefits to both, and they can work in tandem with each other for added protection.

3 Unrivalled Security Benefits of Roller Shutters

1. Deter Harmful Elements

Roller shutters offer you protection from unwanted elements, including harmful sun rays, dust, pollen, insects, etc. You can even protect your home from wind and rain with the use of our wind and rain-resistant roller shutters.

2. Enhanced Security

Roller shutters work well as security devices. They can withstand forced entry. In addition to this, if someone tries to break your window or a door, the shutters with their superior build quality will take the beating instead of your home. They provide protection against all intruders.

3. Fire Resistant:

Roller shutters provide great protection against fire. Fire can be extremely dangerous, and if you have a fire within your home, it can cause severe damage to your property. With shutters, you can avoid this from happening by putting a barrier between the flames and your other rooms, thus preventing the spread of fire.

2 Major Disadvantages of Roller Shutters:

1. Costly

Roller shutters can be costly to install. Depending on the type of material you plan on using and the size of your home, the costs may vary from $300 to $1000. However, at the end of the day, the potential protection is worth it, right?

2. Complexity

Depending on your size and shape, installation may be a long process. It can take several hours to get everything sorted out, and it might not be as simple as you think. You will definitely need expert assistance which will only add up to your overall costs.

Advantages of Alarms:

1. Easy to Install

As far as installing your alarm is concerned, it’s a quick and easy process. It won’t take you very long to install the whole thing, and you’ll be good to go. If you’re looking for security, but are not looking to spend a fortune, then an alarm is for you. It’s a quick, simple fix that can help you protect your home and all of its valuables.

2. Loaded with Advanced Technology:

From motion sensors to smoke detection to pet and child monitoring, there is no shortage of high-tech security solutions that will help you protect your home. You can even use your smartphone to control your alarm system.

3. Affordable:

The best part about alarms is the price. They are cheap, and you get to keep your home safe at the same time. Offering you the security you need without the high price tag, alarms are a must-have for every home.

Major Disadvantage of Alarms

1. Less Secure

Alarms have a few loopholes that may put your home at risk. As compared to roller shutters, which are able to withstand forced entry, an alarm isn’t going to do you much good if someone breaks in. They can only alarm you of the happening – they cannot actually protect your property. Roller shutters are able to prevent break-ins and keep intruders at bay, thus providing you with much-needed additional security.

Which Is Better?

Well, that depends on your personal needs. Both are fantastic options that offer you great protection. If you want a system to monitor your premises, then an alarm is the right choice for you. However, if you want to strengthen your 1st line of defense, then roller shutters are the way to go. Overall, roller shutters are the best choice. With their superior build quality and sturdiness will be able to protect your home against unwanted elements, provide you with a safe environment and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

19 Apr, 21

How To Choose The Best Roller Shutter Material For Your Home or ShopFront?

Roller shutters, with their myriad of benefits, have become the window covering solution of choice in homes and offices. If you are looking for a roller shutter for your home or the shopfront, you will be spoiled with the seer number of options available in the market. From heritage to rustic, contemporary, and industrial styles, there are a wide variety of shutter options to be found. What makes each style different from one another? It all comes down to the material that makes them up. So, in order to make sure you get the best roller shutter for your home or your commercial space, here are some things to consider:

1. Polycarbonate or Transparent Rolling Shutter:

The transparent shutters, which are made up of polycarbonate and metal, make sure that the rain and snow cannot damage the shutter as they are water-resistant. These rolling shutters are perfect for high-end shops that have a huge façade that needs extra protection. Apart from this, these also offer you protection from all kind of lighting and glare, that is highly distracting and annoying too. The shaded glass that is used in the manufacturing process is also ideal for shops in the sunnier regions. The heat will not be able to penetrate inside the store as well, making it an ideal choice for people who are looking for a flexible shutter.


  1. It can be used in the shopfronts, for buildings, as well as for home applications.
  2. It provides you with more flexibility and style as compared to other materials too.
  3. This material is shatterproof, and it is perfect for climate conditions too.
  4. It has a unique ability to absorb natural light, which will make the interiors feel cool and inviting at all times.


  1. Not fire-resistant
  2. Often more expensive than other materials.

2. Steel Rolling Shutters:

The heavy-duty shutter design has its origin in steel and other metal materials that are used in manufacturing this style of shutters. This style is extremely sturdy and can withstand enormous amounts of pressure or weight, making it a popular choice for commercial buildings and industrial units as well. In addition to this, the steel rolling shutters are a long-lasting option too that has the capability to retain its appearance as well as functionality for several years without any damage whatsoever. What is more interesting is that these rolling shutters are also fire resistant, and this is what makes them the perfect option for hospitals and chemical industries as well.


  1. Durability combined with strong visual appeal is what makes this material an ideal choice for people who are looking for a sturdy shutter.
  2. This material can withstand the harsh climate conditions too and the odd mistake in handling the shutter.
  3. Easy to install and remove as well as easy to repair.
  4. They are also available in different sizes as well as finishes, which makes them a perfect choice for people who want to have something unique and outstanding at their place.


  1. The price of these shutters is usually high and cannot be afforded by all people.
  2. The maintenance and repair cost of this material is usually higher than that of the other materials available in the market.

3. Aluminum Roller Shutters:

Boasting trendy and sophisticated appeal, aluminum shutters will help your shopfront to stand out while still protecting it from the elements and also from intruders. An ideal choice for shops in high-visibility areas, this material is extremely strong and durable as well. It can be used both for residential as well as commercial applications. The aluminum rolling shutters have a beautiful luster that makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and with no rusting, you can be sure that your shutters will stay beautiful and elegant for a long time to come. Apart from this, this material is also one of the most sustainable shutters that are available in the market and are easily recyclable as well.


  1. Extremely durable and long lasting; ideal for commercial as well as industrial purposes.
  2. This material is free from corrosion and rust, which makes it a cost-effective option as well.
  3. The shutters are durable, long-lasting, and available in a wide range of design options.
  4. It provides you with safety and protection from all kinds of danger.
  5. It helps you stay cool inside the house, even in the summers, due to its incredible heat reflectivity.
  6. They are very easy to install as well as remove too.
  7. This material can also be painted easily according to your choice, which is another reason why it is a popular choice for people.


  1. Most expensive of all the roller shutter materials.
  2. Maintenance and repair cost is usually higher as compared to other material options.

4. Wooden Roller Shutters:

When it comes to shutters, nothing beats the elegant charm of wooden shutters. The shutters have a smooth finish that gives them a beautiful appeal and makes the interiors feel warm and inviting as well. With natural materials being used in the manufacturing process, these shutters will not pose any threat to your health or to the environment. When these shutters are combined with some thoughtful lighting, they can enhance the beauty of any area to great heights. Plus, the wooden shutters are a highly durable option as well that can last for several years without any damage whatsoever.


  1. The timber shutters are very strong and will give your shopfront the required protection without costing you too much money.
  2. When paired with other materials, it makes the home or the commercial space look sophisticated and elegant too.
  3. Easy to install and remove, plus easy to repair too.
  4. They come in different sizes and shapes as well as various finishes that will help you get the best out of them.
  5. They are also an ideal choice for people who are looking for the best alternative to restore or rejuvenate their woodwork, furniture, or even the doors of their houses.
  6. They can be painted easily according to your choice.
  7. They are easy to maintain, too, as they are easy to clean and care for too.


  1. They are not ideal for people who are looking for a strong and sturdy material for their shutters.
  2. Requires regular maintenance and proper care as the shutters are made of organic material.
  3. Availability is a problem in certain parts of the country.


Aluminum, steel, wood, and polycarbonate shutters are not only popular for the protection they provide but also for their style. But among all the most popular are aluminum shutters, which are extremely durable and long-lasting. Although the aluminum material is not ideal for people who are looking for the sturdiest material for their shutters, it is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a stylish and contemporary solution. The durability, longevity, as well as sleek design of these shutters, make them a popular choice among all other materials available in the market.

If you are unsure of what roller shutters you need, give Global Roller Shutters a call for more information.

12 Apr, 21

Are Roller Shutters Noisy?


If you’re like me, you love rolling your windows down and opening up the breeze in your home or office. Roller shutters are a versatile and environmentally friendly option for windows. But, when they’re open, the sound of them bouncing around is a nuisance. I know, I know. Many people complain about this annoying sound that roller shutters make. But with some simple tips, you can get rid of that noise and enjoy the tranquility of your home or workspace.

Why Roller Shutters Become Noisy?

One problem that appears typical with roller shutter doors is that they are often a little loud when they come into operation. As with anything material, this tendency only intensifies as it ages and naturally requires some upkeep and corresponding maintenance from time to time. The sound associated with roller shutters is actually the product of various components acting together and in accordance with the environment, they’re operating in.

Further, with regular use and age, the lubrication on the hinge and rolling mechanisms has a tendency to wear out. As this happens, the rollers new face greater resistance from friction which ultimately leads to a louder operation. While it is not a problem per se, it can be a cause for annoyance, especially when sound carries through into other areas of the home. Fortunately, there are some simple maintenance steps that you can take to remedy this situation.

How to Prevent Roller Shutters from Being Noisy?

There are many things you can do to prolong the life of roller shutters and make them quieter. Once you’ve assessed the situation and applied some of these tips, you should notice a marked improvement in how well your shutters operate.

1. Take the time to lubricate the rollers regularly:

For roller shutters, this usually involves finding a light oil that will keep them working smoothly, with minimal resistance when they are in operation. Make sure to thoroughly grease each roller and the interior surfaces as well. Doing this will not only prevent the rollers from becoming noisy but will also ensure that they are able to operate for a longer period of time before they need to be replaced.

2. Check your rollers for wear and tear:

A good way to make sure that your rollers are operating smoothly is to periodically check their surfaces for wear and tear. If you find any signs of wear, it’s time to do something about it – repairs would be the most economical solution. New rollers will be required to make up for any damage that has been incurred.

3. Take proper care of your hinges:

Another thing you can do to keep roller shutters in good working order is to take proper care of your hinges as well. You should give them a thorough wash periodically and lubricate them with a light oil as necessary. As with any piece of equipment, it’s important to keep them well maintained and maintained at all times.

4. Consider checking door’s spring tension:

A simple way to check the tension on your doors is to open and close them several times while paying attention to how the roller blinds operate. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine if the tension needs to be adjusted.


These tips are just a few of the things you can do to help prolong the life of your roller shutters and make them quieter. By properly maintaining your roller shutters, they should last longer and operate more smoothly.

05 Apr, 21

What are the pros and cons of installing roller shutters in Melbourne?

A roller shutter makes a good addition to your residential property. It offers many perks like protection, improved home value, privacy, etc. This mechanism is also gaining fame as more homeowners are beginning to implement its application in their houses. Keep on reading to know more about roller shutters and how vital it is for your home.

What are Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters are a device installed into a window or door that rolls down to keep them safe and sound from any harm. Usually, these roller shutters are made of metal, aluminum as well as steel. They also come in different styles and sizes; each can complement any home style and design. Roller shutters come in different kinds like battery and electric. You can operate these devices with the use of a control panel or a remote control. Also, there are basic types like manual rollers. Manual roller shutters save more electricity. They also have a classic touch when it comes to design. Keep on reading to know the pros and cons of installing roller shutters.

  • Save You Considerable Amount of Money

These devices are very valuable in summers and winters. We know how harsh Melbourne summers and winters are. Roller shutters help keep warm air inside your home when they are closed. This way, HVAC systems’ application is reduced because air can’t be run off from there. You may not know it now; however, it will save you a considerable amount of money in due course.  For sure, your power bill will be reduced to a considerable amount each month.

  • Improve the Looks of Your Property

These devices will increase the appearance of your home from outside and inside. Roller shutters are without a doubt pleasing to the eye, and you can make them an ornamental choice by customizing them from the service providers. Houses fitted with roller shutters can fetch a better price during Melbourne house actions!

  • Utmost Security

Maximum security is perhaps the biggest benefit you can get from installing roller shutters. This is because these devices are close-fitted to the windows and doors. Roller shutters need a lot of hard work to pull up efficiently. Thieves will have a hard time breaking into your home, particularly if you lock these shutters from the inside. They will need special tools if they want to get in this solid and durable barrier. A lot of intruders who see a property with security shutters are likely to give up fast.

  • User Friendly

One attractive feature of a roller shutter is its user-friendliness. Shutters are available with motorized or manual assembles. Motorized can be functioned by a wall switch or a remote control. Manuals are raised using a cord or a winder handle. Necessary parts are easily accessible for both manual and motorized operations. Custom-made roller shutters available are measured to precise specs. Manufacturers make them locally and set them up.

  • Good Insulators

Most roller shutters available are good heat insulators. These devices stop heat from coming or leaving your home. During hot summer seasons, a high quality shutter is able to block off 90% of heat from coming into your windows and doors. What is more, they’re also valuable during the winter. These devices have the capability to block 70% of the cold.

  • Reliable Noise Regulators

Noise pollution can affect your daily routine. If you reside in a noisy environment or busy city, roller shutters can assists you block up almost 50% of the noise outside. This will provide you peace of mind and convenience every time you want to relax and sleep. Aside from being a reliable noise reduction device, roller shutters prevent noise from coming out of your home, especially if you have a house party with loud music. This will not annoy your neighbors and give them peace and quiet for themselves.

  • Keep Your Home Safe and Sound Against Bad Weather

Weather elements can damage a home in just a blink of an eye. A strong hurricane can send twigs and branches flying about that can strike and smash your windows and wipe out windowpanes. Also, it keeps the rain out as it firmly seals the doors and windows more efficiently. These devices are very reliable for security against bush fires. They can resist fire and block them out prior to doing any further damage to your property.

Disadvantages of Installing Roller Shutters

Despite the many benefits offered by installing roller shutters, it also comes with some flaws or drawbacks. So, prior to making a choice, it is vital that you know the downsides of installing these devices.  Here are the disadvantages of setting up roller shutters.

  • Special Cleaning is Required

Roller shutters come with parallel slats, so cleaning them is complex and hard. Sometimes, it would be enough to use a water hose when cleaning. However, this is not ideal as it doesn’t eliminate the dirt. For a deep clean, you will need a perfect material and have to go through every slat.

  • Some Issues in Function

As mentioned above, roller shutters are available in two kinds; automatic and manual. The manual type is awkward to operate, most especially if you’re in a rush. The mechanical type is easier to operate, however costly. What is more, they also need a power source. Since their scheme is complicated, an automatic shutter also needs regular maintenance.

The perks offered by installing roller shutters prevail over the disadvantages.  Despite the downsides, these devices are still regarded as a useful and valuable purchase for your property and your loved ones as well.

If you are still not persuaded by these advantages and disadvantages, it might be worthwhile to think of some other choices. Otherwise, talking to us being an expert roller shutter company is a good opportunity to have your concerns answered about these devices. This way, you can give us an example of your precise living condition, and they might provide the best choice for you.

26 Mar, 21

Factors that determine roller shutters longevity and quality in Melbourne?

One thing that is always present in the mind of any home or business owner is the security of the premises. That place is your investment, your life’s work, the place where you get to call your own. It is difficult to stomach the idea of someone breaking in and rendering all your hard work moot.

That’s the reason why you chose to have shutters on the windows of your home, office or business premise.

Shutters are valuable as not only do they reduce the possibility of intrusion and vandalism, but are a great way to block flying debris and dealing with the threat of nearby brush fires.

If you are going to get shutters, you should understand that how long you will enjoy all the benefits and security they bring is determined by a few factors.

Material Grade and Durability

You can find all types of roller shutters out there, however, only a few of them will give you a long life of service. The first thing you have to look at when determining which type to buy is the quality, grade and expected durability of the material.

 A safe bet is to always go for slats that are manufactured using aluminum. This is a metal that is known for being light, strong and corrosion and rust resistant. If you end up choosing something with inferior quality, you will realize soon enough that the outer surfaces or large parts of the insulating material will deteriorate quickly

Exposure to Inclement Weather

There are very few places in this world that do not experience harsh weather conditions at any point of the year. Unluckily for you, you are currently living your best life in an area that can experience bouts of strong gusts of wind, or severe storms that are likely to cause serious damage to your windows and premises when they break through – yes, Melbourne – we are all aware about your 4 seasons in a day!

A roller shutter is an expert at shutting inclement weather out of your premises. However, even the best material out there will take a beating when the weather turns up.

When you have a shutter made from material that is of poor quality, you are assured that inclement weather will wreak havoc on that shutter and the shutter will give way. This could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacement costs.

This is a great reason why those high-quality aluminum shutters are the perfect option for protecting your home, office or business.

Vagaries of Wear and Tear

Everything experiences wear and tear. Your vehicle, your door hinges and even the most abstract things you can think of. Your roller shutters are not any different, and this is especially true if you install them in an area that faces inclement weather, or is in an industrial zone.

The constant battering from windborne sand and rocks, or the chemicals from the industrial works splashing all over the shutters will result in an increase in the rate of wear and tear.

However, if you have the best quality shutters, you won’t have to worry too much about what this is going to cost you in the near future. You can rest easy in the knowledge that the roller shutters will withstand wear and tear for much longer than other lower quality materials.

To book in your next roller shutters, you can visit: https://www.globalrollershutters.com.au/

19 Mar, 21

What are the best ways to clean roller shutters in Melbourne?

We all know that our windows play a crucial role in our homes and offices. We use them to let in light and air, as well as to create an impression of openness and the flow of space. Roller shutters bring that flexibility to a whole new level with added benefits of enhanced privacy and security. In Australian cities like Melbourne, they are the perfect fit in any commercial space, from retail stores to offices and every home. But they can be a pain to maintain with that constant sun beating down on them. Dirt builds up quickly, and there’s never a good time to remove and clean them. But if you don’t want to make your outside world an eyesore, then you don’t have a choice but to clean them.

5 Best Ways to Clean Roller Shutters

Your home’s aesthetics depends largely on your outdoor space and what the windows from the inside show. It is important to make sure that your roller shutters receive the same cleanliness attention as the ones inside. As time passes, your roller shutters will gather marks that are hard to remove, which make them look dull or even dirty. We all know how dusty and dirty Melbourne can get during summers.

Enlisted are 5 of the best ways to clean roller shutters:

1. Make Sure Surface Is Clean of Dust & Debris:

Needless to say, the first tip for cleaning roller shutters is making sure that the surface of your roller shutters is dust and debris-free. Using a soft cloth or a cloth duster and then wipe the entire surface of the roller shutters.

2. Wipe the Surface with Warm Water and A Mild Detergent:

Cleaning your roller shutters is not a complicated task, and you don’t need to take a lot of time off your schedule to do it. The most effective way to clean your roller shutters is to wipe the surface with warm water and a mild detergent. Try to avoid anything stronger than that, as it may damage the material of the roller shutters. Also, don’t forget to wipe the entire surface, including the suspension loops, rollers, hinges, and any other parts that you can extend or roll completely up.

3. Use A Scraper to Remove Hard Stains:

There may come a time when the dirt and bond can’t be removed with any liquid or simply a cloth. This time may come even before the first try to clean them. At this point, you can use a scraper to remove hard stains. Plastic scrubbers with rough surfaces tend to do a better job than other scrapers. However, if your roller shutter has painted surfaces, then you might want to use a cloth to avoid any scratches and marks.

4. Properly Clean the Shutters:

Once you have gone through the motions of cleaning your roller shutters, it is important to properly clean and dry them. You can use a towel to dry the roller shutters and make sure that there is no leftover dirt on the surface.

5. Hire Professionals:

If you are not satisfied with the result or you feel that you don’t want to waste the only free time you have, then you can hire a Melbourne roller shutter professional to clean/service or repair your roller shutters. But make sure that you are hiring a professional to clean your roller shutters who has expertise in the job. This way, you will make sure that your roller shutters are free from any dirt, and your only job will be to admire their beauty!

12 Mar, 21

5 reasons why you should get roller shutters in Melbourne


Roller shutters are an incredibly versatile window treatment. From their ability to keep you cooler in the summer heat to their nightingale-like sound-dampening abilities, roller shutters fill your home with energy and make it a more comfortable place to be. However, they are so much more than a light screen and insulating shade. In cities like Melbourne, Australia – roller shutters can also enrich your décor and increase your home’s curb appeal. If you have been on the fence about getting roller shutters because they might be on the pricier side, do not be dissuaded. They offer so much more than other window solutions. Here are five reasons why you should consider roller shutters.

1. They Provide Enhanced Security

If you are living in high risk suburbs of Melbourne, roller shutters are an efficient, aesthetically pleasing deterrent against all intruders. They are essentially a burglar deterrent masquerading as a home accent. Whether you are leaving your home or sleeping soundly in your bed, your home is made more secure with the addition of roller shutters. Boasting superior build quality with security features like the ability to lock AND secure via a bolt, double roller, and customizable security pins, they are a great addition to your home security measures.

2. They Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

First impressions are crucial, and your home’s appearance makes a big statement about the kind of person you are. With a new frame and a fresh paint job, your house will look bright and new. With a professionally installed roller shutter, however, it can look luxurious and upmarket. A detail-oriented homeowner will feel secure and proud when they see their beautifully reinforced roller shutters. They’re the perfect touch for any room in your home to help it stand out on your property.

3. They Save You Energy

One great advantage of roller shutters in the summer months is the shade they can provide when they’re pulled down. They help reduce heat from the sun and heat buildup in your home, providing a refreshing breeze in your home, no matter how hot the weather gets outside. In the winter months, roller shutters help keep cold air from seeping in when they are pulled down and act as a barrier between the cold breeze and the house’s heat.

4. They Offer Noise Attenuation

When closed, roller shutters can block out the sounds of your neighborhood, helping you have a more restful night. Subtle but impressive, roller shutters play a helpful role in this way. They can make your home a quiet sanctuary at the end of a busy day without needing much effort.

5. They’re High-Tech

Your home is where your family’s life happens. You’ve spent countless hours working on its structure and decorating it, and you want to have the best tools available to give it a beautiful, comfortable yet efficient touch. Roller shutters are certainly a modern and high-tech solution. From automatic electronic openers to solar screens to integrated blinds, there are many technologically advanced options for your roller shutters.


Whether you’re looking to install shutters on your new home, renovate your existing one, or you’re tired of the same old light screen, you’ll finally feel justified in your purchase when you see the benefits of roller shutters. These benefits, combined with their classy and impressive look, are sure to impress guests every time they visit your home. So, go ahead and start transforming your home into a better place. Visit here to order your roller shutters today!

05 Mar, 21

How Safe Are Roller Shutters?


If you’re looking for a way to boost your home’s level of safety and security, as well as to make your home look good, then you’ve probably considered installing roller shutters. These durable blinds are a great option for your home and are ideal for protecting the interior of your home from extreme sunlight, rain, and theft, as well as for keeping out unwanted guests.

However, while roller shutters are great for home safety, there is always a question of how safe they really are. Let’s discuss:

Are Roller Shutters Safe?

Short answer – Yes! While roller shutters are a great way of boosting your home’s aesthetics and security, they are also a very secure option for protecting your home and family. There are shutters with steel panels that are permanently attached to your home, and they ensure that the windows and key parts of your house are protected. Enlisted are four more reasons why you need to go with roller shutters for your home:

1. Fire Safety:

If there is a fire in your house, there are a number of things that you can do to help decrease the effects of the fire and to help you protect your home and your family. One of the first things that you do in the case of a fire is to open the windows to let the smoke and heat out of your house. Now you may be wondering how the roller shutters can help you in this case of a fire.

Most roller shutters come with a manual opening mechanism that allows you to open the shutters in an emergency situation such as a fire. So, in everyday life, roller shutters protect you from every known element, and in an emergency, like the kitchen fire, they also give you a big advantage. So go for roller shutters for your home and for extra protection.

2. Dependability:

Roller shutters are designed to be dependable and reliable, as well as to be easy to use. Depending on the specific rollers that you choose for your home, you can select any of the different types of shutters available. From manual to electric roller shutters, you can choose from the variety of options available and can rest assured that they are designed for long-term dependability.

3. Enhanced Privacy:

If you’re a homeowner looking for a way to boost your home’s level of privacy, then you should consider installing roller shutters. When you close the roller shutters, there is almost no light that can penetrate through the windows, so you only get darkness and privacy until you open them up once again. This helps to ensure that your home feels private and that you have complete control over who has access to specific parts of the house.

4. Peace of Mind:

Everyone deserves to live a life with some level of peace of mind. When you choose to put roller shutters on your home, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a product that will provide your home and family with a high level of protection and peace of mind. From storm damage to theft and other misfortunes, you can rest assured that the roller shutters are going to keep your family safe.


Roller shutters are not only a good way to protect your home and family, but they also enhance its overall value. Go for roller shutters for your home, and you will have the best of the security features that you need to keep your family safe.

26 Feb, 21

Do Roller Shutters Need Servicing?

Roller Shutters are crucial to ensuring your windows and doors are well-protected, right? However, they will be absolutely useless if they are not taken care of properly.

Allowing your roller shutters to become rusted can have not only a negative effect on your building aesthetics but also the overall safety of the structure. Rust can cause many shutters to lose their strength resulting in substandard functionality, which makes it easy for intruders to either break your windows/doors or even pry them open. Thus, if you are wondering if your roller shutters need servicing, then the answer is yes.

Roller shutters should be checked regularly to avoid this type of thing from happening, and if you need to repair or replace any parts, we can help you with that as well. Enlisted are four tips that will make sure your roller shutters stay fully functional.

Top 4 Tips for Roller Shutters Maintenance

1. Regular Cleaning:

Unfortunately, very few people realize that you cannot just overlook your roller shutters until they start to rust and fall off your windows. You should keep them clean to ensure that they function as they should. Even if you are not worried about the aesthetics of your building, you will want clean shutters for their functional integrity as well.

Cleaning your shutters regularly will ensure that you are preserving their good condition and allowing them to stick to the window frames better than normal. And, of course, you should lubricate the shutters too. So, check the hinges and the rollers to see if it needs to be oiled; otherwise, you will wear down the mechanisms resulting in something like this.

2. Well Oiled:

This comes down to the material they are made out of. Generally, they will need to be lubricated to ensure smooth functioning and to make certain that they remain in excellent condition. However, you might need to make your own roller shutter lubricant at some point.

You can decide the kind of roller shutter lubricant you will be using depending on the material of your shutters. As said earlier, some will require grease, while others will need a special dry lubricating substance. In case you want to use the grease, it is important to make sure they are also neat.

3. Ensure Proper Fit to the Frame:

The entire point of roller shutters is to protect the windows and doors of your building. If they are not cut and fitted properly to your windows, then they are basically useless. There will always be a small gap where they are supposed to fit in, but the window has to be perfectly even and proportional to the other dimensions.

This means that you will have to measure it properly to ensure that it is a good fit. Otherwise, it can be awkward and result in security issues.

4. Hire Professionals:

This is another common mistake people make regarding their roller shutters. They trust their shutters so much and do not want to pay for any professional services. However, professionals are generally at the forefront of the latest roller shutter technology. They will know the best solutions to your issues and how to fix them without wasting a lot of time.

In addition to this, they will typically have the right kind of machinery and tools necessary to get the job done properly. Thus, hiring a professional for one-off jobs or servicing your roller shutters is an absolute must.


Roller shutters are made to protect the windows and doors of your home; however, and no matter how strong they are, they will become rusted and weak if you do not maintain them. With proper maintenance, repairs, and checkups, your roller shutters can function quite well and will work as effectively as they were initially made for.