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How Do Roller Shutters Insulate your Home?

How Do Roller Shutters Insulate your Home?

Roller shutters are great addition to any home or property. They offer lots of perks such as privacy, protection and improved the value of your home if you want to sell it in the future. This is getting more popular as many people are starting to apply it’s their homes.  Continue reading to find out if roller shutters really insulate your house.

Roller Shutters Explained

A roller shutter is a mechanism set up in your door or window, which rolls down in covering additional security and insulation. Usually, they are finished of different materials such as metal, steel, and aluminum. They are also available in different sizes and styles; each one can set off any home décor or design. These roller shutters are available in various types, such as battery-operated and run by electricity.  Some works through remote control or control panel. There are also basic forms such as manual rollers. This saves more electricity and has a standard touch with regard to design.

How Roller Shutters Insulate your Home?

Roller shutters are made to insulate. However, not all roller shutters are made the same. State-of-the-art shutters are insulated and come with foam to provide effective insulation. The superiority of the insulation depends on many factors like the thickness of the shutter wall, a material used, and the insulation.

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for noise reduction or climate control; make sure to keep away from shutters that are not insulated and very thin. You do not want to sacrifice the quality if you are searching for insulation. So, make sure to invest in a superior roller shutters which provide utmost insulation. Essentially this mechanism helps protects the space from rain, light, sound as well as heat.

Climate Control

A high quality roller shutter is able to assists control the temperature inside. The UV rays can go through normal window glass easily. The surface in the space will absorb the rays and then release them back in the sort of heat radiation.

Blinds allow approximately 75 percent of the radiant heat to penetrate your room. Dual glazing windows will keep the UV rays in and keep the air heat out. On the other hand, roller shutters can block 60 percent of the heat or cooling loss. The best shutter will not just keep the winter heat in but also the heat out during summer.

Thus, your dependence on your HVAC during the summer season and heaters in cold weather will lessen. By utilizing these roller shutters, you are able to reduce the power bills too greatly. If your windows face west, setting up a shutter roller will prove to be a remarkable investment.

How Do Roller Shutters Insulate your Home?

Minimize Noise Level

Roller shutters will reduce the noise level by 50 percent. That is why roller shutters are a good choice as opposed to standard products. Noise pollution is annoying and stressful, most especially if you reside near the road, train station, or airport.

Noise pollution is bad for our homes. If you live in a busy place or in a noisy setting, roller shutters are able to block up 50 percent of surrounding noise. This provides more convenience as well as peace each time you like to relax or sleep. In addition to preventing noise penetrating your home, but also vice versa, if you’re having a home party with loud music or if your kids are practicing with the band in the garage, roller shutters avoid releasing noise, too.

Aside from offering noise reduction, roller shutters will also keep the noise in your room. So, you can take pleasure in loud music, or you can indulge in noisy activities without worrying about upsetting the other members in your home or nearby houses.

Effective In Filtering Light

Roller shutters are able to assists in filtering the lighting penetrating in your home. If your windows are big, your home is bound to get a huge amount of light. Standard or conventional treatments such as blinds and curtains can filter lights going into your room. Roller shutters are also able to cover the whole door and window to keep light away from your room or home. Therefore, if you’re searching for effective filtration of light, insulated roller shutters are the best choice. 

Fire Resistant

Roller shutters are also fire-rated to offer protection against fire. If you compared to other types of protection, a first-rated roller shutter is made to detect fire. 

Other Benefits Offered by Roller Shutters 

Utmost Safety and Security 

The biggest perk that you can obtain from roller shutters is utmost safety and security. This is primarily as they are close-fitted to doors or windows. This device needs lots of effort to pull up capably. Thieves or burglars will have a difficult time going into your property, particularly when you lock the shutters from inside. Burglars will need high-powered equipment to get through these tough and strong barriers. Many burglars who see a home with this shutter are likely to give up easily. 

Protection against Bad Elements of Nature

The elements of nature can harm your home. A strong storm can send branches and twigs flying about, which can hit and smash the windows and destroy your panes. Roller shutters are very efficient and effective for protection against bush fire. This resists fire, blocking them out before further damage.


Most roller shutters are remarkable insulators. They stop hear from coming and leaving your house. During the hot season, a high quality roller shutter has the capability to isolate 90 percent of the heat that is coming into your doors and windows. They are also practical during the cold weather. They also have the ability to block almost 70 percent of the cold.

At this point, a lot of companies provide roller shutters including us and we are able to assist you in measuring your doors and windows and set them up themselves. You can also pick from many styles and designs as well as patterns available on our site.

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Why should I install roller shutters in my home?

Roller shutters are a popular choice because they can be used as a security measure, so you know your home is safe when you’re sleeping. They also keep out dust and debris, which means they can help to improve indoor air quality over time.

If you’re looking for a way to make your home safer and more resilient, roller shutters should be at the top of your list. They provide protection from burglars and severe weather conditions to start with.

Whilst many people think that roller shutters are only for commercial buildings, this couldn’t be further from the truth. They can do wonders for any home. Installing them will not only give you peace of mind but it will also increase the worth of your house too! At the same time, they’ll safeguard your family’s wellbeing against other misfortunes such as fires or storms. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

One of the primary reasons why roller shutters are typically installed is to protect the house against burglars. With their sturdy metal structure, they can withstand almost anything which might happen to your home.

When it comes to security, our aluminium roller shutters have been proven time and again as being extremely secure. Not only does each section have a weight of around 30 kilograms so that no one person could possibly remove it from its housing but they’re also all fitted with a locking system using a key card access so there’s no way anyone can get in that way either. All the materials used are certified as being child safe as well

Even if someone kicks your roller shutters with extreme force, it is highly unlikely that they will come off their tracks unless of course you have fitted them improperly on one or both sides of your window panes. Furthermore, it’s also very rare for criminals to target homes which have these installed since they think it would take too long to break in and get out with what they want.

What differentiates the best roller shutters from the rest are their safety features. The multipoint locking system for instance prevents intruders from being able to open more than one shutter at a time so you’ll know straight away when someone is trying to open or breakthrough your shutters anytime of the day or night. If this happens, the sash will immediately retract to its default position. With a wide variety of locking options like key locks, telescopic locks, pull down locks and push/pull locks – you can choose one that works best with your needs.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to protect your home from burglars without having to bother with the hassle of installing iron bars or grilles on all of your windows then roller shutters are what you should go for. And be sure to get them installed by professional shutter technicians so you won’t have any problems some time down the road. For more information on roller shutters visit www.globalrollershutters.com.au

Another reason why roller shutters are installed is to block out the sun. This prevents any unnecessary heat buildup in your home, especially during summer when temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius.

And speaking of installations, it’s important that you hire a reputable shutter company who can install the roller shutters the right way and not just anywhere on your house or building. Ensure that it offers warranty and after sales service and that should give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens down the road you’re covered by them. So do yourself a favour and call us for more information on how we can.

Furthermore, roller shutters also help reduce your energy bills . That’s because your roller shutters help keep out the heat during summer and retain the cool air inside your home during winter. You can even save up to $500 per year on your energy bills if you install high-quality roller shutters in every room of your house, so what are you waiting for?

Next let’s talk about noise. Did you know that roller shutters block out noise as well? They can be a great help in a busy area, as the noise-reducing qualities will help you relax and sleep better at night. Roller shutters provide upto 80% noise reduction , and the best part is that you can choose different foam materials depending on your preference. Noise reduction is achieved using an installation with silicone sealant.

You might also benefit from privacy. Roller shutters are great for privacy, as they can ensure that nobody will be able to see into your home – including through windows! Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that people aren’t watching your every move, but you can use this privacy to get some work done or just relax in solitude without worrying about what’s going on outside at all times.

Roller shutters also represent great value for money because they will last long and protect what matters most to you. And since roller shutters come in different colours, materials and designs -you’re sure to find the one that suits your home best!

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Blockout roller shutters: Their Importance for your Melbourne property


Blockout roller shutters are indeed trusted by a massive number of homeowners in Melbourne and beyond for added safety and protection against intruders and dangerous and extreme weather conditions. These modern roller shutters play a vital role in securing your lives and your property as well. Once these are set up, you and your loved ones will feel safer from storms, fire, theft as well as intruders.

The Popularity of Blockout Roller Shutters in Various Residences in Australia

Blockout roller shutters are a growing business with a total of about 280,000 products sold yearly in Australia, including Melbourne and a growth rate of 8 percent a year, and a lot of people and households choosing to buy the best one in-home comfort. One reason for the fast growth is due to the fact that there’s no other product available on the market, which provides lots of benefits like what Blockout roller shutters can provide.

If you setup Blockout roller shutters, there’s no need to install an alarm system, outside canvas awnings, window grilles, drapes, internal blinds, window tinting, terylene curtains, plus your heater and air conditioner will not be utilized as much as your window shutters keep the cold out in cold winter as well as the heat out during summer season.

The Benefits of Blockout Roller Shutters for Homes

At this point, blockout roller shutters are growing their fame as they can give complete safety to your home from intruders and bad weather. It is relatively much hard to eliminate or bypass as they’re tightly fitted with the doors or windows where you put them. Aside from that, blockout roller shutters cannot be pulled away or worn out without much hard work, effort, and heavy noise.

Blockout roller shutters are maybe the most efficient and affordable solution to keep the indoor area safe and sound from external factors like heat flow, intensity sun rays, massive storms, and other harmful factors. One exciting and thrilling perk of blockout roller shutter is that it takes up less space and is effortless to maintain as well as clean.

However, these security rollers and doors are durable and strong too, and your property makes it more efficient and effective for different residential and commercial security. There is an array of window as well as door roller shutters available on the market, which will protect the room inside from bad or inclement weather. If you set up a custom made blockout roller shutter, you’ll experience many perks such as:

Protection from Break-In or Theft

The main and most interesting perks of setting up a blockout roller shutter are that it will ensure your and your property’s safety from thieves and intruders. Blockout roller shutters are relatively much harder to eliminate by the thieves as they’re closely and snuggly fitted with the window and door. So, intruders cannot pull away without a good deal of effort. This was the great physical deterrent part; aside from that, this shutter has a radiant visual deterrent that will make thieves disappointed. If you shut your Blockout roller shutters, it’s almost likely for thieves to break or open the roller shutters from the exterior.

Keep you and Your Property Safe from Harmful Sunrays.

At this point, a lot of households cover their doors and windows with curtains, drapes, and blinds, believing that it will keep their residences safe from the external heat coming inside. However, if the glass of your window becomes hot, it will reflect the heat into your room, curtains and blinds will fail to avoid the heat.  On the other hand, an authentic quality custom made blockout roller shutter will block almost 70 percent of heat, which comes into your home from outside most especially in the summer season, and block 60 percent of the heat that getting way the house from the room inside during cold weather. It’s true that the block out roller shutters can be heated up in the summer season; however, there’s a space between the roller shutter ad the window as well as the air which circulate in the space between, so the negligible amount of heat may transfer from the shutter to your window glass. So, the glass will get less amount of heat; thus, your home will not be hot, and it will save you a considerable amount of money from energy bills.

Keep Your Home Safe and Bad Weather

Another considerable perk of installing a blockout roller shutter in your property is its capability to keep your door and window safe and sound from the erratic weather.  If you’re living in a region where storm and hail are a common factor, blockout roller shutters will assist in keeping your home safe and sound. All you have to do is close this and feel safe as you know it will deflect branches and debris, which is dangerous to the window glass even if they can smash them. Aside from that, blockout roller shutters would not get flustered during the high winds. Blockout roller shutters in Melbourne can keep the temperature inside the room by blocking warm air to go outside during the cold season. Also, it blocks outside hot air to go inside during the summer season to keep your room cool as well as comfortable.

Saves Energy

At this point, energy has become limited, and the rate is soaring. So, energy saving is one major concern. The current study shows that 70 percent of the heat and 46 percent of air conditioning release from home via windows and doors. Blockout roller shutter assists in this issue by preserving 60 per cent of the heat which flee outside during cold season and 70 per cent heat that goes into your room via door and windows during the summer season. So,  blockout roller shutters work as an ideal air conditioning system. This foam-filled aluminum profile will keep your doors and windows out from harsh and stern weather like high winds, dust, heat, and cold. Once you consider setting up a blockout roller shutter on your home, it can keep your space safe from harsh factors and, at the same time, save you from power bills.

Serve as a Soundproof Tool

If you reside in Melbourne, wherein noise is a common factor, blockout roller shutters will assist you in eliminating this factor aside from providing your privacy. A custom-made blockout roller shutter will reduce the stress level by reducing the noise coming into your home from busy roads. This is also a good soundproofing tool if you reside near the airport. State-of-the-art Blockout roller shutters have the capability to lessen 50 percent noise levels.

Control Over Your Privacy

One of the most important reasons why Blockout Roller Shutters are important on your property is that it has control over your privacy. It also gives control over the amount of light that coming into your room. If you want to darken or blacken your space, just roll it down all the way or if you want some light from the sun, just roll it up. Also, you are free to select the close and open of roller shutter as for your need. It gives you control over the airflow and enables fresh air to flow through the doors and windows of your property to go into your room. This also gives you full control over your privacy. So, it is extremely recommended for families living in a noisy surroundings like near the highway. Customized Blockout roller shutters will soundproof your home, thus giving you peace of mind, especially at night if you want a good night’s sleep. There are blockout roller shutters available that are made of an aluminum supply, which is very effective in taking control over noise and lessening up to 50 percent of noise.


Blockout roller shutters can be installed in any room from the living area to the home office and bedroom; blockout roller shutters can be installed in any room.  It comes with insulation properties which assists you to save a considerable amount of money that you would otherwise need to use on air conditioning. What is more, this also improves your privacy and keeps your Melbourne home safe and sound against bad weather conditions. This also serves as a deterrent to thieves and intruders.

Last but not least, blockout roller shutters are easy to install and maintain as well. This lasts for many years of use. To prolong its lifespan, all you have to do is to paint it to avoid rusting. However, this is advisable if the blockout roller shutter is not made of stainless steel or aluminum. We are a company based in Melbourne that offer blockout roller shutters that come with a competitively priced installation service. Call us today to order in your roller shutters!

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Aluminum Roller Shutters : 10 Reasons Why They Are Our Top Pick

Roller shutters with their distinct design, enhanced features, and unparalleled security are the perfect window protection for both residential and commercial spaces. Capable of enriching the space with character and life, roller shutters allow you to adjust the light and flow of the room to your liking without compromising on privacy or security. Furthering their versatility, roller shutters can be used in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial spaces – all with different needs and requirements.

However as diverse as their application is, when looking for the most durable and energy-efficient options, aluminum roller shutters come up trumps. Capable of lasting for decades without corroding, rotting, or rusting, these shutters are a wise investment for any space that requires protection against the elements and the reassurance of quality.

But if you are still in the bind, here are 10 reasons why we believe that aluminum roller shutters are the best choice when shopping for window protection.

1. Unrivalled Durability

Thanks to their extraordinary strength and resistance to corrosion, aluminum roller shutters are without a doubt, the most durable shutters on the market. Built to last, these shutters can withstand the rigors of mother nature and the test of time. Furthering their durability, aluminum roller shutters often come with chemical or powder coating that protects them from usual wear and tear thus enhancing their lifespan.

2. Excellent Energy Efficiency

With a certified U-Value of 1.6 W/m²K, and a sound E-Value of 69, aluminum roller shutters are significantly more energy-efficient than wood, vinyl, and steel shutters. Further being capable of blocking 100% of sunlight and UV rays, these shutters not only protect your belongings from the harsh effects of direct sunlight but also helps conserve energy by keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

3. Enhanced Privacy

Privacy is a new-age luxury. Once an integral part of our daily lives, it has now become a commodity that is traded and sold. If you are looking for a window treatment that provides ultimate privacy, then aluminum roller shutters are your best bet. Capable of effectively controlling the flow of light and views into your space, roller shutters brings the best of both worlds, allowing you to have enhanced privacy with a commanding view of the outside world. Additionally, aluminum roller shutters can be employed in a range of situations, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments, each with its own unique set of needs and requirements. So, rest assured that no matter which type of space you are looking to protect, aluminum roller shutters will offer you the best in privacy and overall protection.

4. Versatile

Designed for multi-functional use, aluminum roller shutters are the ideal choice for residential and commercial settings alike. They are capable of bringing elegance and refinement to your home or office and may also be employed in retail settings to improve the overall aesthetics of typically boring shopfronts designs.

5. Convenient

Whether you’re looking for added security or simply want to improve the ambience of your space, roller shutters offer an easy and practical solution. The ease with which modern motorized roller shutters can be programmed and operated contributes to ensuring maximum convenience without sacrificing security. Additionally, they can be controlled from within or outside the home without the use of keys or codes. And because today aluminum roller shutters are available in all types and models, they are a cost-effective means to give your space a facelift without burning a hole in your pocket.

6. Consistent in Operation

Designed to operate smoothly without sticking or creating noise, aluminum roller shutters are an ideal choice for providing the utmost ease of use. Capable of operating automatically or manually, these shutters are a practical and cost-effective way to provide enhanced security, insulation, and comfort to your home or office.

7. Premium Design

Always in fashion, roller shutters are a timeless window treatment with an infinite array of styles and designs to suit any space. With their ability to bring the outside in and improve the flow of natural light into your space, roller shutters help infuse a sense of style and elegance into your home or office. And with so many premium designs and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect aluminum shutter for your space.

8. Rust Free Surface

Aluminum due to their molecular composition, are capable of withstanding corrosion and rot, making them a safer and more durable alternative to most metal shutters. So, say goodbye to oxidized and corroded surfaces and hello to clean and professional premises – a much-needed touch of class!

9. Torsion Proof

Torsion, the twisting and turning of the shutter by wind or pressure, is one of the most common problems with shutters. Unlike wood and fiberglass shutters, aluminum roller shutters are virtually torsion proof, ensuring greater durability and reliability in areas with extreme weather conditions.

10. Easy Maintenance

As a professional or business person, you’ll want to make the most of your time and efforts. With this in mind, it is critical to have a roller shutter that requires little to no maintenance. Having an easy-to-clean and maintain roller shutter allows you to save time by focusing on other critical duties. Aluminum roller shutters, with their smooth operation and resistance to even the harshest weather, are the ideal solution for any space. Additionally, the shutter’s anodized aluminum frame extends its longevity, ensuring that your investment will last for decades. Therefore, rest assured that aluminum roller shutters are an excellent fit for any space and may assist you in creating a more organized and productive workstation if you own a commercial establishment without hassle.

15 Aug, 21

Roller Shutter Parts : 9 Common Parts

A window or door with its own personal barrier from the outside world is certainly a necessity for any dwelling. A good set of window and door shutters can be the finishing touch to your room’s aesthetic appeal and provide much-needed privacy and security. Roller shutters are among the most efficient window and door treatment options on the market, offering extreme weather resistance, efficient operation, and a sleek, modern design that blends in seamlessly with any home decor. But despite their many benefits, roller shutters, like all mechanical and electromechanical window and door treatments, are subject to failure. And in the event that such unfortunate events do occur, you’d like to be prepared. By arming yourself with knowledge of what to look for, what the different parts of a roller shutter are, and how they operate, you can ensure that your roller shutters are in good working order and provide the security and privacy you require.

1. Cheek Plate:

Cheek plates are made of iron and steel and are positioned at various angles within the frame to support the curtain cord. They slide into grooves on the roller and allow for height adjustment without affecting the curtain cord’s length or tension. These grooves enable the roller to raise but not lower the curtain, allowing it to remain wrapped around the frame. This design aids in maintaining the window or door’s neat and taut appearance. And, to ensure increased reliability and performance for users, cheek plates are typically secured to the structure using the appropriate fixtures.

2. Roller Assembly:

Although the shutter curtain is hung from the side of a window frame, the curtain itself is supported by an internal roller. This is a tubular cage-like structure made from stainless steel, which uses bearings for smooth movement. It runs along a rise-and-fall track, which is located on one or both sides of the shutter panel. The tracks are in the form of brackets that are fitted directly to the joist below the window. In the event that there are additional tracks or brackets for a vertical roller shutter, they can be made from more durable materials that are designed to hold additional weight.

3. Tubular Motor:

A tubular motor is a device that supports and operates the moving mechanism of a roller shutter. Tubular motors are installed in rolling shutter barrel assemblies and connect to brackets mounted on the rise-and-fall track. The tubular motor is secured to the assembly with bolts and is controlled via a simple ratchet mechanism. This mechanism drives a gearbox, which in turn engages with the radial gearing mechanism on the tubular motor. This system employs a pair of gears to ensure smooth operation and eventually connects the motor to the roller assembly, which interacts with the curtain’s taut cord to raise or lower the curtain.

4. Motor Housing:

The motor housing is another major component of a roller shutter system. This is a part of the roller assembly that encompasses the tubular motor. Within this area is a shaft that passes through the housing and engages with the shaft of the tubular motor. The housing also features a bearing that slides inside a race on the roller assembly, as well as a cam ring that fits onto a pin on the motor housing. This ring connects with a detent pin on the tubular motor and in turn assists in preventing any side-to-side motion of the curtain’s cord.

5. Safety Brake:

A centrifugal or safety brake system on a roller shutter is designed to automatically apply all the tension in the cord when it breaks. This prevents the shutter from being raised into an unsafe position as well as damage to property. This system is driven by a worm gear that engages with a gear on the shaft of the tubular motor. This braking mechanism, like the others, features an insulated cover to protect it from water and other damage.

6. Guides:

The curtains are installed behind the guides. These curtains are exactly what you think about when you envision curtains. They’re the material that you draw to shut off an area of your home or office. All roller shutters come with actuators, which enable you to open and close them as needed. The most common type of roller curtain is aluminum, but it can also be made from vinyl or fabric.

7. Bottom Rail:

The bottom rail of a roller shutter is the final handrail section at the bottom end of a curtain. The bottom rail is often attached to the floor using brackets. This “bottom rail” can either be ‘T’ or ‘L’ shaped, and it will be bolted in place after being fixed to the wall and floor.

8. Canopy Cover:

The canopy cover is occasionally referred to as a hood. This is the system that protects your roller shutter against the elements and also from fast-flying debris that enters the space between your rollers. It’s critical to remember that if your motor is less than 2500mm tall, you will require a canopy cover. Additionally, it is required by law for security reasons.

9. Pulley:

The pulley is an important component in pre-configured manual roller shutters. It allows the user to open or close the shutters with a simple pull on the rope or cable which are often made of galvanized steel for enhanced weather resistance. This cable goes inside the pulley and attaches to a slide, with one end being fixed to the top of the pulley and the other end to the slide. In this way, you can open or close the roller shutters without having to bend down and pull on them.


Once you understand the different parts of a roller shutter, you can apply that knowledge to ensure that all of the components are in good working order and that all functions of the roller shutter system are intact. And, in the event that there are any issues with any of the components, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s happening and what needs to be fixed.

23 Jul, 21

How a Cheap Price for Roller Shutters, Doesn’t Always Pay

Roller shutters are a great way to provide security and protection for your home. They’re quick and easy to set up, and they can be easily customized to fit your needs. But as with everything in life, there are some drawbacks to roller shutters – those that come with a cheap price tag. Unfortunately, this is a trap that a lot of people fall into. With roller shutters that cost less than $100, it’s tempting to think you’re getting a bargain. But as we’ve learned, this isn’t always the case. Here are five reasons why you should always consider avoid investing in roller shutters with cheat prices and why investing in higher-quality roller shutters is worth it in the long run.

1. Low-Quality Material:

One of the major issues with the cheap price for roller shutters is the quality of the material. Many cheap roller shutters are made of materials like plastic that will easily break or melt. When you’re putting a massive amount of heat and light on your home, it’s important to make sure that you’re using materials that can stand up to the elements. Otherwise, your roller shutters won’t last very long and you’ll be forced to replace them sooner than you would like.

2. Not Energy Efficient:

Another issue with cheap roller shutters is that they’re not energy efficient. Many times, cheaper roller shutters are made of materials that easily transfer heat from the sun. This means loss of energy and increased energy costs. While you’re investing in roller shutters, it’s important to make sure that they can protect your home from harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Cheap roller shutter provides no insulation and are often made of material that isn’t energy efficient.

3. Not So Pleasing:

Roller shutters are meant to protect your home while improving your property’s appearance. Unfortunately, a cheap price for roller shutters can often have the opposite effect. Often made of plastic or other materials that are not as attractive as durable metals, cheap roller shutters can bring down the overall value of your home.

4. Requires Replacement Sonner:

Cheap price for roller shutters tends to break down and require replacement sooner than you would like. Because their material is subpar, they just aren’t made to last for very long. Investing in better quality roller shutters means that you’ll get more out of your investment and will actually save money in the long run.

5. Higher Maintenance:

Another big problem with cheap price of roller shutters is that they tend to require more maintenance than premium options. The materials used in cheaper roller shutters are often thin and don’t hold up well to the elements. Meaning you need to put in extra effort to ensure that your roller shutters aren’t damaged by even the smallest of forces.

10 Jul, 21

What Are the Features of Modern Roller Shutters?

Home security is a very important thing to have in today’s world. After all, thieves and intruders are always looking for an easy way in and often don’t need to put in much effort to get into your home. This is where roller shutters come in handy. They’re a great way to protect your property and provide you with peace of mind. Further boasting unique set-up options, today’s roller shutters are becoming more and more appealing as the market changes.

With a lot of modern-day roller shutters, you’ll be able to secure your property with just a single key or one quick command. And that’s not all! With these shutters, you’ll also get a few other benefits that will make you glad you invested in them. From quiet operation to energy efficiency, these shutters are giving you everything you need in a security shutter. So, read on to learn the features you get with modern roller shutters and decide whether they’re worth the investment!

5 Important Features You Get in Modern Roller Shutters

1. Automatic Operation:

Modern-day roller shutters come with auto-opening and auto-closing features. This means that you won’t have to lift a finger to open or close your roller shutters. You can set up a timer so that your roller shutters will open and close automatically at a certain time. You can even get the shutters to close when it gets dark! How cool is that? That way, you’ll know that your home will be protected all day and night!

2. Greater Aesthetics:

You can get roller shutters in virtually any color imaginable – with more options coming out every year. What’s more, they’re also designed to be completely harmonious with your home’s exterior – there won’t be a single mismatch in sight! And if you want to change the appearance of your shutters, you can paint them a new color any time you like. And if that’s not enough, there are many brands introducing shutters with unique patterns, textures, and even paint schemes – all in the name of design and aesthetics.


3. Versatility:

Modern-day roller shutters can be installed to meet your needs. These shutters come in different versions, including the manual and electric versions. You can choose to go with either one, depending on your budget and needs. If you have kids, you might want the manual version, as it will be safer for them to operate. However, the electric version is a lot more versatile – it will fit in perfectly in any home. The choice is yours!

4. Added Safety Features:

There are a few safety features that make modern-day roller shutters even more appealing. For instance, these shutters have sensors that trigger them to open and close when there’s a movement in front of them. If you have them installed at your home, you won’t have to worry about your kids getting trapped in between the shutters or sliding doors. There are also features that make them child-friendly, which makes them perfect for homes with children!

5. Energy Efficiency:

If you’re worried about your electricity bills, modern-day roller shutters are the perfect solution for you. They are designed to be energy efficient, so they will actually cut down on your power consumption! This will ensure that you save a lot of money on your bills and also lessen your carbon footprint. If you’re looking for a practical as well as efficient home improvement, roller shutters are a good choice!


There’s no denying that modern-day roller shutters are a great investment. The features they come with will make you wonder why you ever hesitated to invest in them! With an elegant design, you’ll be able to secure your home like never before. You can use them for your sliding doors, windows, verandas, and even entrances. So, if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home’s security and look, you can’t go wrong with modern-day roller shutters!

23 Jun, 21

The Importance of Fire Rated Shutters

Shutters have been a fixture in our homes and businesses for years, both for their aesthetic value and for their practical use. In fact, shutters are one of the most commonly used building materials around the world, with even the most basic of homes needing them to protect the structure from weather and vandalism. But what about fire? Fire is one of the most dangerous threats we face in our lives, and if you want to protect your property from it, then you need a solution that can withstand the extreme heat and direct flames.

Boasting greater durability and fire-resisting materials, shutters are your ultimate defence against a fire. Not only do they help prevent the spread of the fire, but they help minimize smoke and provide you with much-needed time to evacuate.

However, if you are still not convinced if a shutter is the best choice for your business or home, enlisted are some of the benefits of having a fire rated shutter to make you change your mind.

Top 6 Reasons to Install Fire Rated Shutters

Shocking and horrifying fires can happen at any time, causing pain and loss to many businesses and families. Fortunately, now you have the chance to take a step towards preventing a possible disaster. Shutters are an incredibly cost-effective means of reducing the spread of fire within your business or home, and it’s simply a case of acting now rather than waiting for an emergency to strike. Listed below are the six main reasons why fire rated shutters should be installed on your property:

1. Add Resilience:

You cannot protect your property from fire unless you have a defensive barrier that can withstand the flames and heat, and fire rated shutters are that barrier. Boasting metallic reinforcement, fire rated shutters can withstand temperatures up to 1700 degrees F, preventing the fire from spreading and protecting your property from the devastating effects of the fire. Moreover, the shutters can also hold back the heat and smoke, leaving your premises much safer and less damaged. So regardless of whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, you will find fire rated shutters to be your best protection against fires and their consequent loss.

2. Helps Protect Precious Lives:

There is nothing more important than human life, and when it comes to a fire, it is your priority to keep people out of harm’s way. Fire rated shutters can assist you in this as they act as your last line of defence against a fire. Featuring air-tight doors, resilient exterior coasting, and superior metallic build fire rated shutters can prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases and also slows down the spread of fire to create time for you, your employees, and your loved ones to evacuate the building. Not only this, but it also reduces the chances of accidentally letting the fire escape from the fireplace or furnace. So, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to minimize the spread of fire within your business or home, you should consider having fire rated shutters installed.

3. Helps You Establish a Safe Escape Route:

Ensuring that you have a safe and accessible route out of your property is one of the most vital safety precautions you can take. Shutters help to establish this vital escape route by providing a fire-resistant barrier. Their sturdy construction ensures that they remain intact and fully functional during the fire, withstanding extreme temperatures and providing an escape route when you need it most. Further, by preventing the smoke and heat from spreading, they also aid in protecting all your invaluable assets that would otherwise be at risk of complete destruction by the fire.

4. Makes You Trustworthy:

You want to present yourself as a credible and trustworthy business owner, and fire rated shutters are an excellent way to show that you are a person of integrity and care about your customers. Having fire rated shutters installed in your commercial premises is one way to reassure your customers of their safety within your premises. This helps you and your business to develop the trust of your clients and helps you to improve customer loyalty. Additionally, installing fire rated shutters shows other businesses that you’re taking the safety of your employees and customers seriously, which will have a positive impact on your reputation and professionalism.

5. Demonstrates Good Management Practices:

It’s well known that insurance companies are much more willing to offer competitive rates to businesses that take fire safety seriously, which means that fire rated shutters can help you to get an insurance discount. If you’re a business owner who values your employees and property, then having fire rated shutters installed on your premises is a sign that you are a sensible, safe, and forward-thinking business. This demonstrates good management practices and shows the business that you are fully aware of the importance of safety, which they will surely appreciate.

6. Helps You to Maximize Energy Efficiency:

Apart from simply providing protection, fire rated shutters also help to improve energy efficiency by acting as a barrier between your building and the outside weather conditions. Regardless of how cold, humid or dry your local weather is, fire rated shutters will allow your building to maintain a consistent temperature thanks to its superior insulation qualities. This means that your HVAC systems will be able to work efficiently and cost-effectively, translating to a greater possibility of saving money on electricity in the long run. Moreover, fire rater shutters help prevent the build-up of moisture that can otherwise cause indoor mould and rot, posing a serious health risk to both you and your employees.


Fire rated shutters are an essential security tool that can provide you with peace of mind and a safer environment for your business. By installing these shutters, you will be able to reduce the risks of fire breaking out due to accidental damage, as well as allowing for a faster and safer route of escape. So regardless of who and what your profession is, get your fire rated shutters installed today and experience the greater sense of security that they can bring.

13 Jun, 21

Roller Door Maintenance – Top 10 Tips to Improve Its Durability

Roller Door / Shutter Maintenance is a necessity!

Bringing you the ultimate in aesthetics and protection, roller shutters are an essential part of your home or business. Made of either wood, aluminium or steel, these shutters provide a sleek and modern look and are one of the best ways to ensure your property is protected from the outside world. However, despite being made to last, you need to make sure that your roller shutters stay in good condition so that they can provide you with the protection that you need. To assist you in your quest to keep your roller shutters in pristine condition, we’ve compiled a list of 10 maintenance tips to ensure that your shutters continue to provide you with top-notch protection. From keeping them lubricated to getting them properly cleaned, these tips will make sure that your roller shutters are in tip-top shape and are ready to stand up to the rigors of the outside world.

Top 5 Advantages of Roller Door Maintenance

  1. With proper maintenance, you can extend the life of your roller shutters and ensure that they continue to provide excellent protection.
  2. Maintaining your roller shutters will also reduce the likelihood of damage to your building from other factors such as natural disasters and harsh weather conditions.
  3. Keeping your roller shutters clean and free of debris will ensure quick and easy operation.
  4. Proper maintenance can also help ensure that your roller shutters look as good as the day you bought them.
  5. With scheduled maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements in the near future.

How to Maintain Your Roller Doors or Shutters

1. Clean:

Yes, you need to clean your roller shutters in addition to maintaining them. Dirt and dust get accumulated on the surface of the roller shutter, and this can get into the cracks and may potentially cause rusting. While it is true that you can repaint the surface of the shutter to hide the rust, you cannot remove the dust that has gotten stuck inside it. To ensure that the roller shutter remains clean, start with wiping off any loose dirt and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up any loose debris. Use a soft brush to clean off any dirt and dust stuck in the cracks, and avoid using strong chemicals to clean the surface of the roller shutter, as this may permanently discolour it. The result will be clean roller shutters without even a speck of dust.

2. Repaint:

Once in a while, the shutters of the window roller shutter start to look shabby and old. In this case, you can repaint them. However, before you get started, remember to thoroughly clean the roller shutters and allow them to dry completely. Next, you might want to sand the area around the roller shutter with fine sandpaper so that the paint sticks to it better. This will also remove any rust or dirt and make sure that the roller shutter’s surface is smooth for the final step – painting. You can then use a regular paintbrush and paint the shutters with the colour of your choice. Allow the roller shutter to dry in the air for at least 2-3 hours, and do not forget to apply a second coat to give it a deeper and richer look.

roller door maintenance

3. Lubricate:

The rolling action of a window roller shutter is dependent on its wheels which are made up of rubber or metal wheels. These wheels require lubrication from time to time to keep them functional and moving smoothly for years together. They require oiling once a month or three in order to keep them functional and quiet. For lubrication of these wheels, always use rustproof oil to ensure that they do not cause any corrosion on the wheels. This also helps in reducing the friction between the moving parts of your window roller shutter and hence making your window roller shutter more efficient in operation with lesser noise during operation. That’s probably the easiest tip for roller door maintenance!

4. Repairs:

Roller shutters consist of both simple and complicated mechanisms depending largely on the type of shutters you have installed on your premises. But regardless of the shutter type you have, they all require repairs from time to time in order to ensure they function efficiently and don’t pose any threat to your home or business. Whether it’s rollers or motor of a motorized roller shutter, you will need professional help to get the repairs done. Most of the times, repairs of these shutters may require replacing parts or, in some cases, even the entire shutter. All these cases will require assistance from an expert as they are extremely complicated to do on your own, and beyond that, they require specialized tools and materials. So, if you start to notice any problem with your roller shutters, the best thing to do is to call local professionals right away.

5. Leveling & Balancing:

The whole working of a roller shutter relies on the fact that the wheel should move steadily and without any jerks or sudden stops. When the roller shutter is being operated, you will notice that the wheels move up and down and with the passage of time, these will start to lose their balance. You will also notice that the shutter tends to tilt one way or another if it is not levelled properly. So, to solve this problem, you will need to make sure that the shutters are properly balanced by adjusting their wheels. This is an extremely crucial part, and you need to consult an expert for their help in doing so. If the roller shutter is not levelled properly, you will notice that it is not rolling smoothly and may potentially fall off its frame. Furthermore, the shifting of the shutters will cause the frame to creak, and it will make noise while operating the shutter.

6. Vacuum:

This is perhaps the easiest and simplest of all roller door maintenance tips. You just need to vacuum the roller shutter regularly to keep it free from dirt, dust and debris. This will prevent any friction between the shutter and the frame. With less friction, you will notice that the shutter remains free from any creaking sound. And with less noise, you will notice that the roller shutter runs smoother and is less likely to break down. So, make it your habit to vacuum the roller shutter at least once a week and enjoy the benefits of cleaner roller shutters that will reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

Need for Roller Door Maintenance – Conclusion:

Roller shutters are an extremely important part of any building or property. There are many benefits to installing them, but they do require care and maintenance in order to function properly and provide optimum protection for your home or business. With the help of these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your roller shutters remain in good shape and will be able to protect your property from the outside world for many years to come.

Global Roller Shutters have been around for years and we know exactly what roller shutters, Melbourne residents or businesses need.

11 May, 21

Top 7 Questions About Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are a great and necessary way to cover windows or doors in case of emergency. For example, you could use roller shutters to cover your office window during a thunderstorm to protect your work from natural elements. However, there are a lot of things to consider when buying roller shutters, and it can be hard to know if you’re buying the right ones for your situation. With so many different types and options, it can be tough to make a decision. So, before you decide to go out and buy some roller shutters, consider this list of the top 7 questions about roller shutters and the answers to those questions. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make a smarter decision about roller shutters and will be able to find the best roller shutters for your office.

1. Will the Installation of Roller Shutters Affect the Overall Value of My Property?

Yes, but in positive ways. Having roller shutters installed on your windows or doors can add value to your property, especially if you are in a high-crime area. While there is definitely an initial investment involved with roller shutters, they are very low maintenance. The only thing you will have to do on a regular basis is to clean them out and make sure they are working properly. You will also avoid having to get new windows or doors installed, which would be very expensive.

2. What Types of Roller Shutters Are Available?

Roller shutters are available in several different styles, all of which have their own benefits. You’ll find both commercial and residential options. Some of the most popular roller shutter styles include:

  • Aluminium Rolling Shutter: These are the most common and popular styles of roller shutters. Aluminum shutters are sturdy and easy to clean. They’re also a good choice if you want your roller shutters to match the rest of your windows or doors.
  • Transparent Rolling Shutter: These roller shutters can be made to cover a window with glass in it. They are great for adding a modern touch to your home, but they aren’t the best choice if you have a lot of natural light in your home or if you want more privacy.
  • Automatic Rolling Shutter: These are the most high-tech and advanced of all the roller shutter styles. These shutters are able to be opened and closed by remote control. They come with a built-in security system and will automatically close when they sense a threat.
  • Push-Pull Rolling Shutter: This type of roller shutter is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. These roller shutters are easy to install and are fairly easy to use.

3. How Much Maintenance Do They Require?

Roller shutters require very little maintenance. The only thing you will have to do is clean them regularly. The roller shutters in your home or office will have a cover on them to keep dust and other pollutants out of them. That cover needs to be cleaned every month or so to make sure it’s not doing any damage to the actual roller shutters. You will also need to make sure that the rubber in the tracks is in good shape. If they are worn down, you will need to replace them.

4. Will the Roller Shutters Be Able to Protect My Windows or Doors?

Roller shutters are much better than the traditional security gates you see in front of houses. They are the same size as your doors or windows, so they won’t leave any gaps for intruders to crawl through. This is great if you want to keep people out of your office or home.

5. How Much Does It Cost to Have Roller Shutters Installed?

The price of roller shutters will vary depending on the type and the style you choose. The average cost of installing new roller shutters varies between $300 to $1000, but it can be more or less depending on your location and the design of your roller shutters.

6. What Colour and Style Should I Choose for My Home?

This is one of the biggest questions that most people have when they are trying to decide on roller shutters. There are many different styles to choose from and many different colors to pick as well. However, most people decide on a color and style that best fits the style of their home or office. Your shutters should complement the rest of your home or office rather than draw attention to themselves.

7. Are Roller Shutters Cost-Effective?

Roller shutters are very cost-effective, especially for business owners and individuals interested in saving their hard-earned money on electricity bills. Roller shutters are made to cover all or some of your windows or doors and will reduce the amount of light coming into your home or office. This helps keep the room cooler and reduces the need for fans or air conditioning units. As a result, it will be easier for you to save money on your electricity bills, and you will spend less time running your air conditioning unit.