12 Nov, 21

Roller Shutters are one of the most effective ways you can protect your home or office from burglaries and other intrusions. They are also aesthetically pleasing, mostly taking up a minimal amount of space when they are not being used. There are several options available if you want to buy roller shutters for your home or office including the color of the shutter, whether they should be manual or electric, which type is best suited to your needs etc. One question people often have is whether they should go for manual or electric roller shutters. So let’s try and address that issue today!

Manual Roller Shutter

Manual roller shutters are slightly cheaper than electric roller shutters. However, they require manual work to operate so you need somebody to open and close the shutter whenever you want it to be used. On the bright side, however, this ensures that your roller shutter won’t be operated by anyone other than authorized personnel. Also, when compared to electric motors which can malfunction or give out at times, these shutters do not have any complex parts so there is little risk of them breaking down anytime soon.

Also, another important thing to consider is their ease of use since you would need kids and the elderly in your family to be able to operate them without too much trouble. Electric roller shutters are easier for kids and senior citizens to use as compared to manual roller shutters.

These shutters are operated by hand and require the user to pull a cord that is attached to them for them to be adjusted. They are relatively easier to install. One thing about these kinds of shutters is that they’re aesthetically pleasing, especially when you get one installed on your home’s exterior façade or perimeter fencing. You can find several different styles which make it possible for users to select the ones they want based on aesthetics alone without worrying too much about whether these shutters will benefit them or not.

Electric Roller Shutters

The electric roller shutters are sometimes referred to as automated, motorized, or rolling shutters. They come with a mechanism that makes them retractable when you turn the switch on. You can also choose to have it retreat into its housing when you switch off the power source.

These kinds of shutters are especially suitable in protecting your home from burglars and vandals where you live since they will automatically revert after opening if there’s no one around to deal with their functionality for some time. It also provides extra security against fire damage since it will keep flames at bay for quite some time before people can open them manually.

They are more expensive than manual ones but are still cheaper compared to sliding aluminum doors since these are manufactured using high-quality metal materials. It is easy to clean them too since they are retractable so the only thing you have to do is simply wipe them with a dry cloth or mop when there’s dirt accumulated on its surface.

It doesn’t cost much for their installation, but some people consider retractable shutters as complicated and difficult to install at home since there are quite a lot of steps involved in putting these things up which also requires proper planning if you don’t want any major problems around your house afterward. You need to ensure that the walls can withstand these metal rollers once they are opened repeatedly by checking if they are made with sturdy material enough before making any conclusions about your purchase decision.