26 Oct, 21
How often should roller shutters be serviced?

So, how often do roller shutters be serviced?

“Servicing your roller shutters properly ensures they work efficiently when you need them most.”

Roller shutters offer a great number of advantages and conveniences when installed. They allow you to save energy and they also come with many different safety features. It is recommended to service them once a year to be certain they are working exactly as they should be.

If your roller shutters aren’t working properly, repairing them could prove expensive and it may even take some time for everything to go back to normal. This is why it’s always best if you prevent potential issues before they happen by getting rollers serviced regularly.

       Roller shutters, like any other piece of machinery and equipment, require annual maintenance to keep them in good working condition. This is because weather elements such as rain and wind can affect the way they function; it’s better not to wait until your roller shutter stops operating fully – resulting in a security risk for you and your premises – before having them serviced.

       Here are some questions often asked about roller shutters, with explanations on how you should answer them:

1)       How often should roller shutters be maintained?

It is recommended that you have the rollers checked every six to a year. But if you are using your shutters daily and have a lot of condensation, then it would be advisable that service them once every three months.

2)       How much does roller shutter maintenance cost?

The cost of servicing the rollers and the motor will depend on which your use and of course if any parts are faulty and how often you have your shutters maintained. If you’d like to know how much to service your roller shutters, give us a call.

3)       Will my warranty cover it?

Warranties won’t cover maintenance costs (services or repairs) as these are considered external factors such as natural wear and tear. This might however vary among distributors, so make sure to read the terms and conditions on your warranty contract.

4)       How long do I need to wait before acquiring a new set of shutters after my old ones were serviced?

You can directly acquire a new set of shutters if the old ones were faulty and had to be serviced/replaced.

There is no universal rule when it comes to frequency checking your roller shutter system. Factors to be considered include where it is installed, its exposure to exterior elements, and how often it is used. In general, a shutter that’s installed in a moderate to heavy traffic area should be serviced at least once per year. However, the professional recommendation for frequency of servicing varies depending upon the location and usage of each installation. With that being said, it is recommended to have your shutters serviced at least once a year to avoid inconveniences and major problems. This way, you will always be sure the shutters are working exactly how they should be. It also helps to have them checked professionally so you can use them for many years without facing any issues or concerns about their condition.

You can also service your roller shutters yourself by following simple steps which are very similar to those offered by technicians when they perform maintenance or cleaning.

One way how you can do this easily yourself is by dusting off the tracks with a brush or an air compressor. If there are any big debris on them, remove them carefully so as not to damage or break anything. Don’t clean the tracks with your hands as the oils from them may cause a bad reaction and make the rollers malfunction..  

If you want to make sure everything is well taken care of there are companies such as Global Roller Shutters out there that can help you service your shutters quickly and efficiently for a reasonable price. This way you will always be certain your shutters work as they should, providing safety and security to yourself and those around you!

Replace components

The bolts and fixings of roller shutters are what keep them running. These components can become loose with time, affecting the shutter’s function. The best way to prevent this is to check for signs of damage on the fixing now and then and have it fixed if necessary or replace it completely if needed. If you believe something needs repairing or replacing, you should contact a professional expert who can come out to assist you.

Other reasons to service your shutters annually

There are a lot more reasons to have your roller shutters serviced every year beyond simply avoiding harm and protecting yourself. These are just a few of them:

  1. Keeping your property secure: Shutters that aren’t maintained regularly and problems are not addressed may become inoperable, leaving your property vulnerable to robbers and vandals. You can fix faults before your shutters completely fail by detecting them early and servicing them on time.
  2. Saving you money in the long run: Regular maintenance can help you detect issues before they become serious. When confronted with little problems, it is usually more cost-effective to repair them than to completely replace a large portion of your shutters.
  3. Insurance obligations: If you have residential or commercial property insurance, your policy may be invalidated if your insurer concludes that you haven’t maintained your shutters regularly. This is most probable in the event of criminal damage to your shutters, during which time your insurer will almost certainly do inspections. If you have failed to service your shutters at the correct time, you may be held accountable for negligence and lose your insurance.
  4. Preventative measures: Regular maintenance can also help save you from serious damage during extreme weather conditions such as severe storms and other natural calamities. Be proactive by checking your shutters before any severe weather strikes so that they can perform their functions of containing damage and acting as a protective barrier against wind gusts or falling debris. If necessary, call on professional assistance by contacting an experienced service provider.