19 Apr, 21

Roller shutters, with their myriad of benefits, have become the window covering solution of choice in homes and offices. If you are looking for a roller shutter for your home or the shopfront, you will be spoiled with the seer number of options available in the market. From heritage to rustic, contemporary, and industrial styles, there are a wide variety of shutter options to be found. What makes each style different from one another? It all comes down to the material that makes them up. So, in order to make sure you get the best roller shutter for your home or your commercial space, here are some things to consider:

1. Polycarbonate or Transparent Rolling Shutter:

The transparent shutters, which are made up of polycarbonate and metal, make sure that the rain and snow cannot damage the shutter as they are water-resistant. These rolling shutters are perfect for high-end shops that have a huge façade that needs extra protection. Apart from this, these also offer you protection from all kind of lighting and glare, that is highly distracting and annoying too. The shaded glass that is used in the manufacturing process is also ideal for shops in the sunnier regions. The heat will not be able to penetrate inside the store as well, making it an ideal choice for people who are looking for a flexible shutter.


  1. It can be used in the shopfronts, for buildings, as well as for home applications.
  2. It provides you with more flexibility and style as compared to other materials too.
  3. This material is shatterproof, and it is perfect for climate conditions too.
  4. It has a unique ability to absorb natural light, which will make the interiors feel cool and inviting at all times.


  1. Not fire-resistant
  2. Often more expensive than other materials.

2. Steel Rolling Shutters:

The heavy-duty shutter design has its origin in steel and other metal materials that are used in manufacturing this style of shutters. This style is extremely sturdy and can withstand enormous amounts of pressure or weight, making it a popular choice for commercial buildings and industrial units as well. In addition to this, the steel rolling shutters are a long-lasting option too that has the capability to retain its appearance as well as functionality for several years without any damage whatsoever. What is more interesting is that these rolling shutters are also fire resistant, and this is what makes them the perfect option for hospitals and chemical industries as well.


  1. Durability combined with strong visual appeal is what makes this material an ideal choice for people who are looking for a sturdy shutter.
  2. This material can withstand the harsh climate conditions too and the odd mistake in handling the shutter.
  3. Easy to install and remove as well as easy to repair.
  4. They are also available in different sizes as well as finishes, which makes them a perfect choice for people who want to have something unique and outstanding at their place.


  1. The price of these shutters is usually high and cannot be afforded by all people.
  2. The maintenance and repair cost of this material is usually higher than that of the other materials available in the market.

3. Aluminum Roller Shutters:

Boasting trendy and sophisticated appeal, aluminum shutters will help your shopfront to stand out while still protecting it from the elements and also from intruders. An ideal choice for shops in high-visibility areas, this material is extremely strong and durable as well. It can be used both for residential as well as commercial applications. The aluminum rolling shutters have a beautiful luster that makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and with no rusting, you can be sure that your shutters will stay beautiful and elegant for a long time to come. Apart from this, this material is also one of the most sustainable shutters that are available in the market and are easily recyclable as well.


  1. Extremely durable and long lasting; ideal for commercial as well as industrial purposes.
  2. This material is free from corrosion and rust, which makes it a cost-effective option as well.
  3. The shutters are durable, long-lasting, and available in a wide range of design options.
  4. It provides you with safety and protection from all kinds of danger.
  5. It helps you stay cool inside the house, even in the summers, due to its incredible heat reflectivity.
  6. They are very easy to install as well as remove too.
  7. This material can also be painted easily according to your choice, which is another reason why it is a popular choice for people.


  1. Most expensive of all the roller shutter materials.
  2. Maintenance and repair cost is usually higher as compared to other material options.

4. Wooden Roller Shutters:

When it comes to shutters, nothing beats the elegant charm of wooden shutters. The shutters have a smooth finish that gives them a beautiful appeal and makes the interiors feel warm and inviting as well. With natural materials being used in the manufacturing process, these shutters will not pose any threat to your health or to the environment. When these shutters are combined with some thoughtful lighting, they can enhance the beauty of any area to great heights. Plus, the wooden shutters are a highly durable option as well that can last for several years without any damage whatsoever.


  1. The timber shutters are very strong and will give your shopfront the required protection without costing you too much money.
  2. When paired with other materials, it makes the home or the commercial space look sophisticated and elegant too.
  3. Easy to install and remove, plus easy to repair too.
  4. They come in different sizes and shapes as well as various finishes that will help you get the best out of them.
  5. They are also an ideal choice for people who are looking for the best alternative to restore or rejuvenate their woodwork, furniture, or even the doors of their houses.
  6. They can be painted easily according to your choice.
  7. They are easy to maintain, too, as they are easy to clean and care for too.


  1. They are not ideal for people who are looking for a strong and sturdy material for their shutters.
  2. Requires regular maintenance and proper care as the shutters are made of organic material.
  3. Availability is a problem in certain parts of the country.


Aluminum, steel, wood, and polycarbonate shutters are not only popular for the protection they provide but also for their style. But among all the most popular are aluminum shutters, which are extremely durable and long-lasting. Although the aluminum material is not ideal for people who are looking for the sturdiest material for their shutters, it is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a stylish and contemporary solution. The durability, longevity, as well as sleek design of these shutters, make them a popular choice among all other materials available in the market.

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