26 Feb, 21

Roller Shutters are crucial to ensuring your windows and doors are well-protected, right? However, they will be absolutely useless if they are not taken care of properly.

Allowing your roller shutters to become rusted can have not only a negative effect on your building aesthetics but also the overall safety of the structure. Rust can cause many shutters to lose their strength resulting in substandard functionality, which makes it easy for intruders to either break your windows/doors or even pry them open. Thus, if you are wondering if your roller shutters need servicing, then the answer is yes.

Roller shutters should be checked regularly to avoid this type of thing from happening, and if you need to repair or replace any parts, we can help you with that as well. Enlisted are four tips that will make sure your roller shutters stay fully functional.

Top 4 Tips for Roller Shutters Maintenance

1. Regular Cleaning:

Unfortunately, very few people realize that you cannot just overlook your roller shutters until they start to rust and fall off your windows. You should keep them clean to ensure that they function as they should. Even if you are not worried about the aesthetics of your building, you will want clean shutters for their functional integrity as well.

Cleaning your shutters regularly will ensure that you are preserving their good condition and allowing them to stick to the window frames better than normal. And, of course, you should lubricate the shutters too. So, check the hinges and the rollers to see if it needs to be oiled; otherwise, you will wear down the mechanisms resulting in something like this.

2. Well Oiled:

This comes down to the material they are made out of. Generally, they will need to be lubricated to ensure smooth functioning and to make certain that they remain in excellent condition. However, you might need to make your own roller shutter lubricant at some point.

You can decide the kind of roller shutter lubricant you will be using depending on the material of your shutters. As said earlier, some will require grease, while others will need a special dry lubricating substance. In case you want to use the grease, it is important to make sure they are also neat.

3. Ensure Proper Fit to the Frame:

The entire point of roller shutters is to protect the windows and doors of your building. If they are not cut and fitted properly to your windows, then they are basically useless. There will always be a small gap where they are supposed to fit in, but the window has to be perfectly even and proportional to the other dimensions.

This means that you will have to measure it properly to ensure that it is a good fit. Otherwise, it can be awkward and result in security issues.

4. Hire Professionals:

This is another common mistake people make regarding their roller shutters. They trust their shutters so much and do not want to pay for any professional services. However, professionals are generally at the forefront of the latest roller shutter technology. They will know the best solutions to your issues and how to fix them without wasting a lot of time.

In addition to this, they will typically have the right kind of machinery and tools necessary to get the job done properly. Thus, hiring a professional for one-off jobs or servicing your roller shutters is an absolute must.


Roller shutters are made to protect the windows and doors of your home; however, and no matter how strong they are, they will become rusted and weak if you do not maintain them. With proper maintenance, repairs, and checkups, your roller shutters can function quite well and will work as effectively as they were initially made for.