19 Feb, 21

Business needs security as much as they need continuous sales. Without it, your venture stands the risk of break-ins. However, with a roller shutter, the case is different. These window coverings offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They also protect your businesses.

But how do roller shutters protect your business? Besides security, why are these delightful aids perfect for your shops?

Reinforced Security
Perhaps you wonder; why “reinforced”? We could have used enhanced! Here is why:

Roller shutters are products of reinforced aluminum. As such, they offer more than the typical security of your usual window covers. For a start, intruders won’t find aluminum easy to break in or tamper. More importantly, aluminum offers reinforced security without the usual heaviness. The metal is lightweight and durable. That feature is unmatched by other window materials. In essence, roller shutters provide you security other window coverings can’t. However, note that it is best to match your roller shutter to your shop. The size of your window/door is crucial to determine the best fit.

If break-ins don’t happen, how about disasters such as fire outbreaks? Even when you are careful within your shop, can you vouch for the neighboring businesses? So, fire outbreaks can happen. And they are quite a constant feature for businesses around the world. Unfortunately, with wooden doors and windows, a fire will gut your valuables. On the other hand, roller shutters can help. How?
Fireproof roller shutters can shield your doors and windows to about 12,000°C. Before the fire reaches such a degree, you have enough time to get help and put it out. Besides fire, roller shutters also help protect your shop against weather conditions – especially hail and high winds.

Enhanced Productivity
Perhaps you muted your social media to work. What about the noise from the environment? How about the glares from the sun? Those conditions can distract you from being productive!
Good news: roller shutters can protect you from noise and sun distractions. How?

Foam-filled shutters act as blockades for noise from the busy neighborhood typical of businesses. Also, the foams used contain polyurethane. The polyurethane foams plus the aluminum materials of the blades keep sun glares at bay. In the process, roller shutters will even help you save bills accrued from air conditioning.

In the end, you will save energy bills and improve your productivity at work.

Improved Aesthetics
Rolled shutters have improved over the years in design and variability. Now, they come in various shapes, colors, and styles. In other words, you can tweak and match your shutters to your interior to boost the appeal of your shop. While you are at it, you can get the automatic kinds.

Yes, you can control your roller shutters remotely!

Low Maintenance
Despite all the benefits of roller shutters, they are low-care. For starters, you don’t need wood treatment against termite. Also, you won’t worry about discoloration because of sun exposure. All you need to do is a simple wipe for the blades once a week. On top of all that, roller shutters save you energy bills by keeping your indoors warm and well-lit.

Imagine all those benefits for your shop. The question should no longer be of why but when you’ll get your roller shutters!

About that, we can help. We deal in all ranges of roller shutters for commercial and industrial needs. Reach out today, and let’s see how to help you!