18 Sep, 20

Security, enhanced aesthetics, comfort is a handful of reasons that make roller shutters a considerably better option than conventional blinds. Designed to operate very efficiently in all weather conditions, no matter how extreme they are, roller shutters help save energy by blocking out extreme sunlight and excessive heat. The perfect shade for any window, roller shutters are very easy to operate and fit into any window in your home. Here’s a quick look at why you should choose roller shutters over conventional blinds.

1. Protection from the Elements

Rain, hailstorm, snow, or intense sunlight are just a few of the elements that could damage your window, even your interior. If you want to ensure that your window can withstand any elements and stay safe from all the damage that comes with it, install roller shutters.

Roller Shutters are available in different materials, but quality shutters all integrate a weather-resistant polymer or metal which offers superior protection from rain, wind, and other weather-related elements. Additionally, roller shutters are designed to lift and lower in seconds, with no harsh mechanisms that could potentially damage the life of the material. Further, those interested in enhanced comfort can also invest in electric roller shutters. Electric roller shutters are controlled by remote control, and they can even also be programmed to operate automatically at specific times of the day, providing a sense of security on top of increased energy efficiency. Not to mention, they are also available in a wide range of styles to offer custom-fit windows and door fronts.

2. Protection from Thieves and Vandals

Home security is all about keeping your space safe. Roller shutters are a key component in achieving the safety you desire for your home or commercial premises. Traditional blinds are easy to be breached, offering minimal protection from vandals. Roller shutters, on the other hand, are more secure and are also much better at keeping out curious intruders and unwanted guests. Boasting extremely durable and weather-resistant materials, including polymer, metal, or aluminum, roller shutters are designed to be sturdy and provide safety in any situation.

Roller shutters can be installed to automatically lower into place if you would like to ensure that windows and doors are always safely protected. The bottom line is, roller shutters are designed to remain firmly in place. No matter how much wind is out there, or rains, hail, snow, sunlight, or how dedicated a thief maybe, they will stay firmly shut to keep your house or business safe. If you opt for electric roller shutters, you can even receive push notifications (on certain models) to your smartphone to keep you informed if anyone attempts to open the shutters whilst you’re away, acting as remote surveillance for your property.

3. Energy Efficiency

Roller shutters are not just for creating a secure and safe environment for your home or business; they are also eco-friendly. Often made of aluminum which aside from being recyclable are extremely thermally efficient, keeping warmth and energy within the space in winter and blocking out heat in summer. The UV coating on the aluminum stops it from discoloring and fading overtime to maintain its aesthetics and functionality.

Roller Shutters also seal shut extremely well, assisting with air-conditioning and thermal insulation, thus keeping your energy bills low. They can also be adjusted to allow just enough light in to maintain your comfort levels and energy efficiency without compromising too much on security and safety.


Instead of relying on blinds, what with their high maintenance, low functionality, and deterioration over time, choose roller shutters to protect your home or business. They will provide an array of benefits such as added security and energy efficiency, as well as being a worthy investment to make.