02 Sep, 20

Incorporating roller shutters in your home this winter month can help to keep the heat inside and prevent the cold from ruining your comfort. Rolling shutters are relatively inexpensive and be installed fast, providing you with years of protection and comfort in all four seasons. But are roller shutters good for keeping cold night air out? Let’s find out!

Why Is Your House Always Cold?

There are a few reasons why certain houses will always be cold. It could be that the walls of your house aren’t insulated properly, you could have insufficient outside heat-insulating material, or the windows may not be to specification. Windows primarily act as pathways for heat transfer; they allow heat to escape if they are not properly insulated or shaded. Larger windows are the biggest culprits. If your windows aren’t up to par, you can easily remedy the problem through various window coverings such as roller shutters.

What Can You Do About It?

There are several ways that you can solve your problem, especially if you happen to have large, drafty windows. The first option is to contact a roller shutter specialist to provide you with roller shutters. These shutters are specifically designed to keep your energy bills low while protecting your windows and property. Roller shutters work by blocking unwanted areas, and they also help to reduce the loss of heat during the winter months.

How Do Roller Shutters Prevent Heat Loss?

Heat loss can be reduced through roller shutter protection because the material is installed in front of the window, allowing the shutters to block the cold from entering your house. Roller shutters are made from solid timber and fitted with aluminum extrusions, all of which are designed to reduce heat loss in and out of your house. They’re also electrically operated to make moving them easy.

According to some reports, roller shutters reduce heat loss through windows by up to 90% because of the amount of surface area that they cover. The shutters are fixed to the windows in a manner that makes it next-to-impossible to tell that they are, in fact, shutters with added benefits of protection. Additionally, the shutters are also attached from the top, which ensures that there can be no slippage due to heavy winds or other factors.

Other Things to Consider

There are a few things to consider when investing in roller shutters. For example, you may consider a variety of colors and styles available. These can also be customized to your tastes and requirements. The materials used can be customized for different levels of heat protection, and you can even find roller shutters that offer rain and UV protection. If you decide on roller shutters, you will notice the long-lasting design and superior protection they provide. Further, they can be integrated to add a beautiful aesthetic to your home. There are also roller shutters that can be controlled electronically to allow entry into a room whilst ensuring complete privacy, but be reminded that these may set you back a great deal more than your budget.


In winter months, heat can escape through small cracks in windows and doors. Having roller shutters installed will reduce this heat loss and help to keep your home warmer while saving you on those high energy bills. So, will roller shutters keep the cold out? The answer is yes! Roller shutters are an excellent solution that keeps the chill air out and the warmth in.