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If your home or business needs window covering solutions, you may want to keep an eye on the aesthetics, physical protection, and pragmatic elements that come with exterior roller shutters.

What Are Roller Shutters?

A roller shutter is basically a window blind that can be pulled down like a roller door. They are composed of a series of blinds that are linked together and are fitted on tracks. The blinds are wound around a cylinder to be either raised or lowered. They are widely used by commercial buildings as a window covering solutions and known to satisfy aesthetics, physical protection, and practicable requirements.

Roller shutters beautifully suit commercial buildings, casinos, hotels, and office buildings, especially as a lee of security. Since they are made of tough material, the window covering solution is able to protect the building from debris and other objects.

Roller shutters also masterfully fit with homes. They effectively protect interiors from the elements and possible intrusions as they are placed outside. Not only that, but they are also crafted to be wind and water-resistant. This is a good reason why they are widely used by homes that are on a beach or tropical country.

How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost?

The cost of roller shutter installation may lean towards either side of the spectrum and may potentially nudge closer to the higher side. This reason is simply because the prices of such versions may be determined by the size of the window, type of shutter valves involved, and style of roller shutter installed. If the client decides upon a manual roller shutter, the overall cost generally sums up to $300 and $350. On the opposite side of the spectrum, an electric-powered roller shutter may roughly cost between $900 and $1,000.

What Factors May Affect the Cost of Your Roller Shutters?

Roller shutter prices vary depending on several factors, including the materials used to manufacture them, the size of the shutter, the brand, and other features. Let’s take a look at these factors in detail.

1. Materials

The materials used to manufacture roller shutters may play a major role in their final price. There are three main varieties of shutters. These are aluminum, steel, and PVC shutters.

1.2 Aluminum

The aluminum ones are known for their strength and durability. The material may cost around 35% less than steel counterparts. Aluminum shutters are often the primary choice of both commercial and residential users for a couple of reasons.

Being relatively lightweight, they are easy to install on any exterior wall and window frame.

The material is able to withstand the effects of salt and water corrosion. As such, the metal doesn’t show many signs of aging over time.

Aluminum shutters are also considerably cheaper than steel. This means they are a great choice for homes with budget-wise owners.

Enhanced aesthetics and energy efficiency are other extra reasons for choosing this material.

1.2 Steel

Steel shutters are another popular choice. They are known to offer exceptional strength and efficiency. Contrary to the aluminum ones, they are heavier, which may pose some difficulties during installation but are also stronger, more functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

1.3 PVC

PVC is a type of translucent material that is made from polyvinyl chloride compounds and are known for their durability, shock resistance, flexible nature, lightweight and low cost. Known to last longer than aluminum, a PVC shutter will perfectly suit both residential and commercial buildings.

2. Functions

Roller shutters are designed primarily to protect the window from the outside and wind. Modern roller shutters have gained much popularity due to the wide range of various functions they offer.

They can be used to protect your interior décor and furniture from the scorching sun or ice-cold winds. Some materials can be easily manipulated and layered to provide privacy. In cyclone storm-hit areas, double roller shutters can be raised to cover the entire glass surface of the window, offering full protection.

But added features don’t come cheap. Conventional roller shutters may cost around $250, while ones with added features will be slightly more expensive.

3. Manual, Automatic or Battery Power

Manual roller shutters have to be lifted up and down manually by the user. Simply move the metal or plastic panels apart to open and pull them shut to close. They are suitable for both home and business applications. And as it is relatively easier to use, a manual roller shutter is often cheaper than automatic ones.

An automatic roller shutter involves the use of a button. You can push the button to open or close the roller shutter. For home automation lovers, it’s worth spending more on an automatic roller shutter as it is ‘hands-free.’

Battery-powered roller shutters have added advantage over automatic and manual ones in that they can be operated even in the absence of electricity supply. This feature makes them highly desirable for property owners in cyclone-prone areas.


Roller shutters are available in both traditional and latest form and available for both commercial and domestic use. Needless to say, with the high-tech features and sleek engineering they provide, they indeed make up for a great window covering solution. But that’s not it; they’re also budget-friendly as they can fit nearly every property category and use.

The cost of roller shutters will also vary depending on the material, style, function, and power source it uses. So before finally claiming on a roller shutter like a simple vinyl blind, be sure to consider the factors mentioned above and, of course, your own needs and requirements.

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