04 Aug, 20

Would you like to achieve more peace and better concentration in your home or workplace, and enhance productivity and focus on important aspects of your life? If so, you can effectively do away with noisy distractions and make yourself detached from the carnal world by installing roller shutters at home.

Peace and quiet at home are a priceless gift. This is a place where we find solace, relaxation, and can relieve all tension accumulated from our everyday lives. This often means that if the noise we have to put up with during our working day continues all the way through the night, we don’t feel recharged at all when the alarm clock goes off the next day. Get rid of unnecessary stressors and create the Zen-like atmosphere at home you deserve for peaceful sleep by investing in professional roller shutters.

Roller shutters are among few addons you can add to your home that offers an almost immediate solution to all issues that can disturb the peace of your property. At the same time, they’re also one of the most cost-effective long-term investments you can make.

Adding up to 80% to 85% noise isolation to every room, roller shutters installed at home or within workplaces tend to simplify the choices you make at the end of the day. More importantly, it keeps the noises outside your property line by drawing shades on the world outside. In this manner, you could prevent being annoyed by unwanted noises and distracting sounds outside; peace and quiet at all times. Because of their insulating nature, in noisy environments, shutters help create an isolated environment inside. This alone can prevent and effectively reduce the stress and tension experienced due to continuous exposure to loud noises.

4 Factors That Determine Roller Shutter’s Noise Reduction Capabilities

There are various factors that determine how efficient your noisy-restraining roller shutters are. Let us reveal them to you.

1. The Quality of the Roller Shutters:

Only the finest quality roller shutters will do. Don’t fall for anything less. Remember, cheap is expensive, and quality is the best investment you can ever make. Roller shutters are not just any accessories that you can install and forget. They’re built to last decades and come with professional guarantees. They’re tailor-made and made in a way that once properly installed, no building vibrations, traffic noises, or unwanted outdoor sounds will disturb you. When it comes to noise reduction, standard aluminum roller shutters are a tad bit inefficient, to say the least, so buying a thicker gauge model is recommended. Further padded roller shutters can indeed be the best-prepared blocks against noise. In fact, they can significantly reduce noise with their ability to properly insulate the interior of your house. As compared to the rest of the shutters that lack this unique quality, they are the best bet to ensure optimum performance of noise reduction. This is made possible by the in-built padding that protects the supporting bars of the shutter and the foam inserts that effectively absorb any noises penetrating the shutters.

2. Installation:

Properly installing your roller shutters will be the key factor that determines your results. A bad installation can lead to slow-opening shutters, deformed shutters, and usual gaps that nobody likes. Before installing your roller shutters, it is strongly advised to enlist the services of a professional installer. Always consider installers who guarantee they’ll use silicone sealant to fill in those small gaps that are inevitable with any kind of shutters installation. Though at first, they may seem minor and insignificant, the sounds that escape through these small gaps can be irritatingly loud. So let your installer know that you want your new roller shutters fitted in a way that they are completely sound-proof and noise-isolation with no possibility for any sounds whatsoever escaping in/out. Hiring professionals always pays off in the long run, and you’ll see for yourself just how well-installed shutters will keep out street noises, while at the same time adding security and insulation to your premises.

3. Invest in Noise-Isolation Acoustic Roller Shutter:

To achieve the best results, a noise-isolation acoustic roller shutter will be a sure bet. They’re characterized by using expanded polyurethane to insulate the interstitial gaps between the external covering and the main body of the shutter. They also contain a dual-chambered glass panel that further absorbs the noises you want to keep outside. Make sure your installer applies them with foam spacers for the best results. Though they tend to be more expensive, it is one investment you won’t regret as they are extremely well-made.

4. The Material the Shutters Are Made of:

Quality materials contribute to the quality of the end product. Durable and sturdy materials such as aluminum are the most reliable you can use in case of roller shutters. The thicker the roller shutter’s material is, the more insulating properties it tends to have, and the better it works in its capacity to contain unwanted sounds and vibrations.


No matter what your current situation is, installing roller shutters is a smart investment you’ll never regret. Noise is one of the most irritating and distracting phenomena anyone can ever deal with. In the long run, having noise-blocking roller shutters at your home or office can be extremely beneficial to your health, wellness, and productivity, so don’t wait, act now and call your roller shutter expert today!